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  1. tep

    BCD Handle?

    If the backboard is thick and sturdy enough... If there aren't already any holes, perhaps drill two holes at the top corners, and run in some heavy line between them to make a handle? Maybe some 3/4 "dock line" - Dock Lines That would definitely carry the weight and be thick enough to make a...
  2. tep

    How to change the exhaust T on Atomic reg?

    And the same for the diaphragm/purge covers, too?
  3. tep

    How to change the exhaust T on Atomic reg?

    I seem to recall that the wide tee was standard on the M1 and then (maybe) added to the B2? And then it became available for other models. I just wasn't sure if they were all the same, or if there were different tees for different models.
  4. tep

    How to change the exhaust T on Atomic reg?

    I'm trying to find the wide tee. They are out of stock many places, except a few that have gray. I think that it is the same, and that a "B2 color kit" that includes the wide tee and a new cover would fit a Z2?
  5. tep

    Expanding ScubaBoard to social media

    I vote for none. I left FB behind years ago. A former student intern worked at both of them, left in disgust. FB internal memos boil down to "controversy drives anger, anger drives engagement, engagement brings pageviews, pageviews mean ad views, which pay your salary, so shut up and work"...
  6. tep

    why more than 60-100' of line for a DSMB?

    I've been shopping for a DSMB and spool. I've never needed one, so far, but I know the time will come. Especially with some of the fun currents we get in San Diego kelp. But a few dives ago I was in a current with a new buddy, and his DSMB was very helpful for our safety stop. No current at...
  7. tep

    Diving in Kauai with a nondiver

    That said - the Manta dive at Kona is a perfect diver and snorkler combo. I dove, she snorkled and she's probably more antsy to do it again than I am!
  8. tep

    Diving in Kauai with a nondiver

    I've almost always used Fathom Five. I think I've dove with them every other year for almost 10 years? (I'd have to check my log book.) I've always had an incredible captain and DM. I haven't used their training. There are other high-rated ops, I just don't remember any of the names. Be aware...
  9. tep

    Does anyone ask to see your logbook?

    You aren't the only one who still keeps a log book. I use MacDive for the details, but use the paper log to capture things I want to remember: what I saw, conditions, things I need to improve, buddy name, DM name, name of the boat's doggo. For me the paper log is more a scrapbook or a journal...
  10. tep

    Medical evacuation insurance from credit card

    I don't have the Chase card, but I've had Amex for decades. It has a similar evac policy attached. This was 15+ years ago, no idea if this still happens. We had a family member get very ill while traveling to Florida, of all places. She really needed to get back to her specialist in...
  11. tep

    Painting fins

    I bought some of this "life safety" tape - I'm going to cut out some patterns for my fins (to go with the painted on name and phone).
  12. tep

    Hyper Aqualand import?

    I was able to get the NX software to run on W10 in "compatibility mode".
  13. tep

    Lessons I'm back; experience of a hacked account

    MFA/2FA is a good idea, but it's the password re-use that's the most common entry. No password re-use + MFA is the gold standard. My email has been exposed in at least 20 or 30 incidents according to - fortunately the bad folks have never been able to do anything...
  14. tep

    So conflicted - Perdix AI, or wait and gamble on a Peregrine AI appearing?

    So, I was getting ready to buy a Perdix AI. March 2020. Then COVID happened and I wasn't diving. OK, I says to myself, I'll wait and see how long this lasts. I can always get a Perdix AI from the LDS when I am ready to go diving again. I've already put the cash in an envelope in the safe, in the...
  15. tep

    I want to be fit & trim - but HATE exercising!

    Pelagic Magic was great. It convinced me that I needed to get a GoPro and housing for my next trip. Eight(?) divers, four on each side, on individual downlines. You have your own line that slides up and down the downline. Max depth is 50ish? Lots of lights bring up all kinds of little...
  16. tep

    I want to be fit & trim - but HATE exercising!

    At age 56 I lost 35 pounds - eat less and exercise. I hate exercising, but I had gone to Kona that year and my air consumption was terrible. I had two (barely) 20 minute dives. I was honest with myself that I was not happy with being tired all the time, either. I harnessed my "inner OCD" and...
  17. tep

    Picking up BP/W setup from the ground?

    Lloyd Bridges would have done it!
  18. tep

    Handling LDS fee?

    I'll be shopping for a new dive computer in a few weeks. Likely a Shearwater. I've always tried to support the 3 LDS in the area one way or another. One was close to the office and a tech-oriented shop. I bought a BC there and I get regulator servicing, VIPs, hydros and fills. Another shop is...
  19. tep

    Card you’re most proud of earning?

    Rescue - that one was a lot of work. It just felt more "real" than the others. But the math, physiology, processes in all the other classes was pretty easy for me, so Rescue was the first one out of my comfort zone.
  20. tep

    How to answer "what is your highest certification level"?

    Same for SSI - I wanted Rescue as I was diving with newbie family divers and wanted the skills. I did Deep, Nav, and coupla others and I got a Master card in the mail completely unexpected. But when asked? AOW and Nitrox.
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