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  1. scuba-karen

    Would you buy a repaired BCD- Aqualung Ladies Pearl i3

    I have the chance to buy a second hand Aqualung/Seaquest Ladies Pearl i3 BCD which states "BCD developed a small leak on the reverse of the jacket (bad manufacturing not through damage, no tears, leaks through skin of bcd) Professionally repaired using correct material and Stormsure which is...
  2. scuba-karen

    Hi - new this board and looking for a buddy and places to dive

    Hi.. I have been diving a couple of years now and have about 30 decent dives under my belt - I like to dive with Nitrox as prefer longer dives to really deep ones. I am looking for dive buddy(ies) for dive holidays in the summer and beyond. I am from London (UK) but like warm seas and sunny...
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