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  1. tphelps

    Kuakini Hyperbaric Chamber - Medical Director & Physician Openings

    FYI - Kuakini Hyperbaric Treatment Center in Honolulu, HI is now seeking a new Medical Director and has a physician opening. Please see link below for more info and share to interested parties. Careers
  2. tphelps

    For Sale Hollis Convertible Spool, Like-new

    Aloha, Selling my like-new Hollis Convertible Spool. Click here for more info: CONVERTIBLE SPOOL I got it last month and it has only seen 3 dives. Please note that my spool only has about 40m/130ft of line (160ft was too much). New price is $129.95, asking $100 (domestic shipping included)...
  3. tphelps

    For Sale Golem GoPro Hero 2 - 1000ft Housing w/ Camera

    Selling my Go Pro Hero 2 with 300m/1000ft Golem housing. I've had it for quite some time now but I don't use it anymore and it's time for it to go to a better home. Comes with: GoPro Hero 2 Camera (~$150 value) Golem 300m/1000ft Housing with compact back ($359) Three batteries ($30) Wasabi...
  4. tphelps

    Long Deco's - How do you pass the time?

    Aloha everyone, My buddy and I routinely do 3 hour closed circuit dives on our Prisms, usually we are pretty well entertained scootering along during deco. On Saturday we did our first 4 hour dive and because our scooters have a burn time of about 2.5 hours, we had to sit around for quite...
  5. tphelps

    XXL ScubaPro Jet Fins with SS spring straps

    Aloha, Selling my XXL Jet Fins. I bought them used about 1.5 years ago and put about 20 dives on them since then. They come installed with XS Scuba 10" stainless steel spring straps. Foot pocket dimensions are 9"x4.75"x4.5". Selling them because I no longer have my size 10 rock boots to use...
  6. tphelps

    What's up with all the Petrels for sale?

    Aloha all, I've noticed that there have been A LOT of Shearwater Petrels for sale recently. I'm curious to know why? For you sellers out there, are you not happy with it?
  7. tphelps

    Looking for Dive Shops with Big Blue Lights in Stock

    I'm looking into getting either the VL15000P or VL25000P video lights by Big Blue. I've read good things about them but before I melt the credit card I would like to see these lights in person. Does anyone know of a dive shop in Southern California that has either of these lights in their...
  8. tphelps

    Sea Cure Type 2 Custom Mouthpiece

    Selling my BRAND NEW Sea Cure Custom Mouthpiece. It is a Type 2 and will fit: -Aeris -Aqualung (newer regs) -Beuchat (VS3, VS4, VS8, VX10) -Dacor (Viper, Eagle) -Dive Rite -Epic Edge -Forte -Genesis -Halcyon Rebreather -HOG -Hollis -Innerspace Megalodon Rebreather -Interm regs Size 1-3/16" x...
  9. tphelps

    Dive Xtras CUDA 400 DPV

    Aloha all, Selling my CUDA 400 by Dive Xtras. It is 11 months old, has 21 dives and 37.5 hours run time. The CUDA was mostly used for multiple bottle rebreather dives and consistently got over 2.5 hours run time on first gear. It has received thorough post-dive care after each dive including...
  10. tphelps

    Gear Insurance Recommendations

    Aloha, I'm looking to get gear/equipment insurance. Any recommendations? Thanks, -Tyler
  11. tphelps

    DUI TLS vs. FLX Extreme

    I've been back and forth on the TLS350 and the FLX Extreme for awhile now. Looking for help in deciding which one is right for me that is unbiased from DUI. I am looking for an exposure suit that can keep up with my tec diving. My team mate and I do more exploration-type diving... deep CCR...
  12. tphelps

    Suunto "D" Series Strap Extender

    Aloha, Selling my Suunto Strap Extender as I no longer dive a Suunto computer. I'm pretty sure that it accommodates the D4-D9 but don't quote me on that. I originally had this for my D6. It's pretty much brand new, I think I only used it once. I've seen these go for around $20 online. I'll...
  13. tphelps

    Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather

    Aloha, Up for sale is my Hollis Prism 2 rebreather. The unit is exactly 1 year old and in excellent condition. No history of flooding. Comes with Shearwater Predator for electronics and VPM unlocked, standard 3.5L counter lungs and DSV, stainless steel back plate, and the rest of the standard...
  14. tphelps

    Whites Fusion Bullet L/XL

    Aloha, Up for sale is my Whites Fusion Bullet drysuit size L/XL with like-new Fusion Thermal L/XL undergarments, rock boots, pee-valve, condom catheter sample pack, silicone seals, spare seals, and drysuit bag. All seals have are Si-Tech and are user changeable. I probably have 50-60 dives on...
  15. tphelps

    Atomic B2 Regulator

    Aloha, I'm selling my Atomic B2 regulator. It is in perfect working condition with very minor cosmetic wear/tear on the 2nd stage (1st stage looks like-new). Work of breathing is excellent, no issues with IP creeps or flooding. It comes with an Aqualung ABS octo and 32" LPI hose. If you are...
  16. tphelps

    Razor 2 Side mount System

    Aloha, I recently bought a used complete Razor 2 side mount system. During transit I decided that the Razor wasn't the system for me and staying with UTD's Z-system. Haven't even opened it from the box yet. Let my mistake be your gain! The rig has 20 saltwater dives on it, set to fit a 6'2"...
  17. tphelps

    Where to find horn sharks in Southern California?

    Aloha everyone! I'm diving with another University of Hawai'i student and he is conducting a study on Heterodontus fancisci, the horn shark. The parameters of his research are to look at the horn sharks in Southern California, specifically the Malibu area. Does anyone know where you can...
  18. tphelps

    "Jet Fin" Style Fins size XXL w/ 10" Spring Straps

    Aloha all, I've noticed quite a few threads of people selling their jet fins (and have replied to several). I thought this thread would draw out any other dust accumulating fins! I am looking for a pair of size XXL fins in the Jet Fins-style (can be Rockets, Turtles, OMS, etc.). Preferably I...
  19. tphelps

    Mens XL 100 gram undergarments

    Aloha, Looking to buy a full set of 100 gram undergarments, mens size XL. The bottom line is I dive dry here in Hawai'i and I am looking for something a little warmer, please contact me if you are in the market to sell! -Tyler
  20. tphelps

    Suunto Cobra w/ compass

    Aloha all! I'm selling my Suunto Cobra air integrated dive computer w/ compass. It has been a great, reliable computer with "273 dives" (although it logs each pool session I teach as 7 or 8 dives so there's probably 150 actual saltwater dives on it). Perfect working condition with a few minor...
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