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  1. boat sju

    Caribbean Club

    Is something going on with Caribbean Club ? Their website has been disabled.
  2. boat sju

    Synthetic grease for Scubapro 1st stage

    Has anyone ever used this to "environmentally seal" an SP Mark IX, etc. Synthetic Grease - Multi-Purpose Lubricant | Super-Lube
  3. boat sju

    Mid-Michigan Spring Mill Pond

    I believe it's open? Has anyone been in there recently?
  4. boat sju

    How's Bonaire doing?

    Anyone currently on the island like to share how the economy is doing? What daily life is like? It must be somewhat surreal without tourists. Thanks. boat
  5. boat sju

    Key Largo in March, tune-up shore dive

    Before I head out on a boat I want to do a tune-up dive with my new wetsuit. I assume I can do that at Far Beach? Do I need a flag? boat
  6. boat sju

    Checking seal on computer with pump sprayer.

    Anyone every put a computer in a pump sprayer and pressurize it to check the battery compartment seal? I believe they pressurize to 40 psi which would be about 90 ft. Any other creative ideas? boat
  7. boat sju

    google maps

    Last time down we figured out that the gps works with "off-line" maps while in airplane mode. Was I the only one who didn't know that? It was helpful.
  8. boat sju

    Flex Seal glue trilam drysuit

    Watching tv and a Flex Seal commercial came on. Got me curious, has anyone tried using Flex Seal glue to apply a neck seal to a trilam suit, or for any other repair? boat
  9. boat sju

    Crandell Lake in Charlotte, MI

    Does anyone know if you can currently dive Crandell Lake in Charlotte, MI? Is there any public access?
  10. boat sju

    Spring Mill Pond

    We're going to dive SMP next weekend, just for something to do to shake a little rust off. I'd like to dive my dry suit. Did any of you dive it this weekend? Is there a thermocline or is it warm to the bottom?
  11. boat sju

    entry/exit observations

    wwguy, Hope you're ok with the way I cut up your quote from the "Scooter" thread. This is exactly what we were seeing that was pretty scary to watch, especially when coupled with the fact that most of the divers we saw were taking their regs out and their masks off before they got near the wave...
  12. boat sju

    Glen Arbor air

    I seem to recall someone posting that you can get air somewhere nearer to Glen Arbor without going into TC. I can't find the thread though. Did I dream that?
  13. boat sju

    Sherwood 1st stage DIN

    My buddy and I bought an assortment of scuba gear - kind of an estate sale. Anyway, there was an older Sherwood 1st in there. The DIN connection is longer than typical. About 1/2" inch too long for my Thermo Pro valve. Can someone explain this to me?
  14. boat sju

    Aeris on-line log book feature

    Just curious. Did anyone else lose their log-books when Aeris discontinued this feature on their new web site?
  15. boat sju

    Last week's weather 5/5 though 5/11/2013

    I just caught up with a coworker for a trip report today and they said they had some rain and rough surf. I was just curious if the weather last week was unusual or if they just needed to try diving up north. They sounded like they stuck to the southern sites.
  16. boat sju

    Bonaire Fun or Tropicana apartments

    Can anyone review/recommend either of these places ?
  17. boat sju

    Paul Hubscher County Park

    Paul Hubscher County Park Location: 8300 W. Washington Road This is a Gratiot County park just west of Ithaca, MI Anyone ever dive it ???????
  18. boat sju

    polartec heat

    Anyone try one ? Just curious.
  19. boat sju

    Sp r108

    The retainer band screw heads on my R108 are stripped. Before I drill them out, are they a standard screw that I can get at a hardware store or will I need to get them on-line?
  20. boat sju

    Aeris XR1 o-rings

    Where can you buy battery compartment o-rings without having to buy the "battery replacement kit"? Are they actually some standard size?
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