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  1. Reku

    Is Rubicon Foundation's Archive defunct?

    I don't know if this is still an issue. If it is see below if it isn't disregard. I volunteer to assist with any data recovery, rebuilding or maintaining that is required to keep this project alive. I can mirror the site if required. just pm me.
  2. Reku

    Shearwater now majority owned by private equity firm

    Every company that gives up major ownership goes downhill normally. Now is the time for another player to enter the field when shearwater support collapses.
  3. Reku

    Great Lakes Trip

    it's not uncommon to see 50-100'+ of vis - I have seen entire wrecks by just looking in the direction from far away. winter diving vis is amazing. lake huron is the clearest lake now because of the zebra mussel infestation.
  4. Reku

    Great Lakes Trip

    I'm in SE MI near Port Sanilac. The diving here is amazing and if you are up for the cold water you'll be rewarded. In this immediate area we have many <100' depth wrecks and many deeper than that as well. Double Action dive charters is excellent but you may want to start planning and getting...
  5. Reku

    ISO dive buddy in the thumb of michigan

    I'm north of Detroit. If you're ever interested in diving PM me. I dive year round.
  6. Reku

    Global shortage of helium?

    The fact of the matter is that there is a way to get helium to any corner of the globe if you are determined. There is absolutely zero reason to do deep dives on air anymore. I'm good until 180' on air but that's just stupid to do deep air dives.
  7. Reku

    Loss of my Father aka CMAN 6/9/19

    It's been hard to come to terms with this loss. It feels like something is missing and I haven't been back to the shop since this happened. I first met Jerry 4 years ago at the dive shop when I returned back to Michigan. When I first entered the shop I saw a picture of a diver on the bow of a...
  8. Reku

    D5 or Teric - convince me

    My shearwater predator broke once the day before a big dive and they found me a spare on a Sunday. That's basically secured me as a customer forever.
  9. Reku

    The New Dive Rite Optima CM - My 30 Hour Review

    Any ideas about a time frame for training on this unit? @Superlyte27
  10. Reku

    Global shortage of helium?

    Around mid 2019 I was unable to get even 300cf of helium now mid way through 2020 I am able to order as much as I want and my suppliers are saying there is no shortage for our area (great lakes). I believe some more helium projects have started up in recent months. That said I will never dive...
  11. Reku

    Large Booster (ag30,ag15/30 etc) vs Coltri mch6 3.5G omnibooster

    Is the difference in engine large enough in that I should buy a 2020 model?
  12. Reku

    Large Booster (ag30,ag15/30 etc) vs Coltri mch6 3.5G omnibooster

    I may have to rethink this gas engine idea - apparently I need to keep sound down to 63db at the property line. With the compressor running at 80db-83db and neighbors being about 20-30ft away that doesn't leave much to get the sound levels down. Has anyone had issues with neighbors and...
  13. Reku

    Large Booster (ag30,ag15/30 etc) vs Coltri mch6 3.5G omnibooster

    My previous 2.7cfm compressor is dead with no chance of spare parts. It was about 50+ years old. It was dying before I got it. It served me well for a year. I'm thinking about picking up an mch6 gas powered unit because it has spare parts available and electrical service here is questionable...
  14. Reku

    OH area dive buddies?

    I'm up in port huron for anyone who wants to dive the river. It's a good time.
  15. Reku

    Hello! I'm new

    Welcome! You're in for a lifetime of fun.
  16. Reku

    How to select your first rebreather....

    I didn't know that! very cool! If I recall my unit was very very reliable. I never had issues.
  17. Reku

    How to select your first rebreather....

    I've currently got a few units - Prism 1, KISS sidekick, kiss gem (scr not ccr convert), inspo classic. P1 for deep wrecks here in the great lakes where I don't want to dive sidemount SK for bailout bob and sidemount only caves Gem for when there is no 100% o2 or no ccr support but they have...
  18. Reku

    Prospective New MCCR...first hand knowledge please reply...

    I've got experience on the triton. They are pretty awesome - training is limited in the USA and quite hard to find however over in EU etc they are fairly popular. being chest mount it is easy to remove and replace while keeping other bottles in trim. It's durable I put it through a number of...
  19. Reku

    Reusing a scrubber?

    Oh ..... If He's emptying the scrubber into a bag and repacking...that's extremely dangerous... I may of misread the post. It never crossed my mind that someone would empty and store partially used material and then repack that material at a later date. Sorry if I was mistaken. I never...
  20. Reku

    Reusing a scrubber?

    Which part of what he said was a very dangerous practice? He knows his time used on the scrubber and the scrubber is a chemical reaction where if there is no co2 it doesn't react. If he has a known used time and a known safe amount of usage per scrubber than maybe it isn't very dangerous? maybe...
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