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  1. Big Tank 58

    San Pedro Resort Recomendations

    Looking to go to San Pedro for the first time, I have a few questions. 1. How do you get from BZE to your resort and what is the typical charge? 2. How do you get from the resort back to the airport and what is the usual fee? 3. Recommendations for a resort that is on the Beach Is there any...
  2. Big Tank 58

    Trip Report Feb 19~26, 2021

    Hotel Cozumel & Resort - Deep Blue We arrived in Coz on Friday 2-19 via Sun Country airlines. After clearing clearing Mexico customs with no troubles, we walked off the airport and caught a taxi to Hotel Cozumel. The weather was partly cloudy, we there were a few showers in the area...
  3. Big Tank 58

    Restaurants that serve Lionfish

    The last couple of times I was in Coz, you could not find lionfish in the restaurants. With less diving on the reef I was wondering if they are more plentiful again. I definitely don't want them on the reef but when they are they're mighty tasty.
  4. Big Tank 58


    What if any are the travel restrictions for Cozumel from the US?
  5. Big Tank 58

    Cayman Ideas

    We are thinking about going to the Cayman islands next year for something different and would appreciate your input. 2 couples wives don't dive so a nice beach / pool is important AI is ok but nesc. Breakfast included would be appreciated. Ideas for what island and resort would be appreciated...
  6. Big Tank 58

    A few Coz questions

    I haven't been there for a couple of years do to battle with cancer. I'm sure a few things have changed they always seem to. I'm looking forward to relaxing and doing some diving & eating. 1 Whats the best way to get pesos, at an ATM or a bank, & should I use cash or a debit card? 2 Has their...
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