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  1. Hugh Marlor

    Videos from Panama (2021)

    Hello - I am new to SCUBA Board. Here are some videos we shot here in Panama over the last month. If anyone would like the source mp4, please email me at and I am glad to make available:
  2. Hugh Marlor

    Diving with Sharks

    I would def'ly not recommend the shark feeding. It is a gimmick. Sharks are very docile and amazing animals to simply just watch. If you want a really great "shark dive" or any other type of dive, get with Grand Bahama SCUBA on Grand Bahama Island.
  3. Hugh Marlor

    Diving with Sharks

    I also would highly recommend Grand Bahama SCUBA. My wife was told for years by "experts" that since she had ruptured her ear drums that she would go deaf if she learned to dive. Fred and Melinda worked with my wife and she is now diving on a regular (and relaxed) basis.
  4. Hugh Marlor

    Excellent Dive Shop - Carenero (Bocas del Toro) Panama

    If you are looking for a great dive shop and are in Bocas del Toro, (e.g. Isla Colon, Red Frog, Isla Carenero) in Panama then check out Panama Dive School. My wife and I have been here for about 4 weeks and been out with Tony Stead and his crew several times. You can find pretty much any level...
  5. Santa Catalina - Panama - Weekend of SCUBA

    Santa Catalina - Panama - Weekend of SCUBA

    Diving in Santa Catalina - Panama - Aug 2021
  6. NightDive OCt 3 2021

    NightDive OCt 3 2021

    Night dive in Bocas del Toro, Panama
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