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  1. oilman66

    Which USCG Captain’s License Can I Qualify For?

    Capt. Bob, I work on a Tension Leg Platform in the Gulf of Mexico (for 15 years) and currently hold an AB/LB (MODU). From your experience and knowledge of the USCG and considering the huge difference between an oil/gas producing facility and a small motorboat, would any of my sea time be...
  2. oilman66

    Boat Shopping

    As I'm just a working class stiff, I have an older 20' wellcraft center console... however, if I had the money, I'd be interested in taking a closer look into the Calcutta cats
  3. oilman66


    I'm still in west Louisiana (Toledo Bend area) at the moment, but will be heading home tomorrow. Looking forward to punching those numbers into my GPS. I guess I'll be doing my annual maintenance on the boat this coming week as well as installing my new swim/dive platform... I want everything...
  4. oilman66


    Indeed! My girlfriend refers to my interest in this wreck as my personal "Holy Grail" of diving.
  5. oilman66


    You've been diving on the Salty Dawg before... you know you're always welcome
  6. oilman66


    If you can get the numbers, I have the boat...Salty Dawg needs to make a trip out there!!!
  7. oilman66

    Louisiana divers survey

    PM sent...looking forward to setting something up.
  8. oilman66

    Louisiana divers survey

    Hey Capt, I'm originally from the Toledo bend area but have only dove it once (a few years back for OW certification). Would like to go back and dive the graveyards and old Sabine Town (just south of Pendleton Bridge). If you or anyone else is interested lets set up a trip
  9. oilman66

    Happy Birthday(a day early) Denise!!!

    Happy B-day!!!:)
  10. oilman66

    I "Discovered" the best dive shop in the N.O. Area today

    It is a nice place to get gear...especially if you're a Zeagle fan. I was in there the other day just window shopping, getting ready for X-mas... A couple of years ago, I was looking to get my daughter a computer and found the exact one that I had bought for me from Scuba toys. When I...
  11. oilman66

    Toledo Bend dive report 4-28-2007

    Are you going a little further north? I'd be interestested in the conditions around Sabine town and the graveyards. I'm originally from that area and looking forward to going back home for a few dives.
  12. oilman66

    Diving around Lafayette, LA??

    I've never been on a trip with this outfit, but you can give 'em a try
  13. oilman66

    MS Dive Shops

    I stopped by one in Hattiesburg last year... I think the name was Sea Urchins, but not positive. The fella that ran the place seemed really nice. It's a couple of blocks east of I-59 and a block north of Hardy street, if I remember correctly - I've slept since then, so check the yellow pages for...
  14. oilman66

    Anybody Know How to add Hydraulic Fluid?

    Check with West Marine- they have all sorts of pumps/evac systems that would probably work.
  15. oilman66

    Offshore drilling bill passes house - CONTACT YOUR SENATORS!

    Lunch is about over, time for me to get back out on the deck and resume my government required checks of safety system/environmental instrumentation.
  16. oilman66

    Offshore drilling bill passes house - CONTACT YOUR SENATORS!

    Just keep it turn'n to the right!
  17. oilman66

    Offshore drilling bill passes house - CONTACT YOUR SENATORS!

    Yeah, I've been watching this thread since it began and wasn't going to post on it (didn't want to get political or preachy)...but sometimes the oilfield in me can't be contained! Actually, I'm surprised with the number of people on this board who have negative thoughts about the oilfield when...
  18. oilman66

    Offshore drilling bill passes house - CONTACT YOUR SENATORS!

    No need to be torn! I've worked for a major oil company for several years on some of the biggest, highest producing platforms around...and I can say from personal experience that the environmental controls on these structures are excellent. It's sad that the oil industry suffers from the stigmas...
  19. oilman66

    local Cozumel diver death April 2006

    I'm not so sure this is the same incident. I was with Maggs, I didn't see a 300 lbs man on the back of the other boat. This guy appeared to be average in size. And if he drowned in Punta Sur, why bring him all the way back to Hotel Cozumel when there are other docks closer where medical...
  20. oilman66

    Helping Katrina Search and Rescue efforts

    Try Not sure that you'll be able to get thru at this time.
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