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  1. devingordon

    Trip Report St. Croix trip report July 2021

    @boboqa - With the understanding that everyone has their own "best of" list, our favorite dive locations in the Caribbean/Atlantic are all quite different. But here's our list, in no particular order. The caveats are that we haven't visited several of these islands since recent hurricanes (e.g...
  2. devingordon

    Trip Report St. Croix trip report July 2021

    Topside activities are roughly comparable to most other Caribbean islands. There's some hiking, a few water sports, etc. But I would consult the St. Croix forum on TravelAdvisor for more details and trip reports. It's a pretty active forum, and there are lots of trip reports. One note for...
  3. devingordon

    Trip Report St. Croix trip report July 2021

    @drrich2 - In those dive locations that have beaches, how we spend our afternoons depends on the beach. On the east side of Cozumel, it's hard to beat an inexpensive beer in a hammock, but I wouldn't go swimming. On Seven Mile Beach, it might be sunbathing, floating in the shallows or paddle...
  4. devingordon

    Trip Report St. Croix trip report July 2021

    Trying to give back to the community with a (perhaps too long) trip report. We just returned from a week in St. Croix. As we were planning a vacation, like apparently many people right now we discovered that we had let one of our passports expire accidently during the pandemic. So off to the...
  5. devingordon

    Short La Paz trip report

    We were in Baja California Sur for a combined dive and beach trip, so I thought I'd post a quick trip report. Our group of three dove one day in La Paz and did a three-tank dive with Cortez Club. We did two dives at the sea lion colony at Los Islotes (our choice to stay there for two dives) and...
  6. Bull sea lion checking on the group

    Bull sea lion checking on the group

  7. La Paz_20180916_0014

    La Paz_20180916_0014

  8. La Paz_20180916_0038

    La Paz_20180916_0038

  9. When a sea lion wants to play

    When a sea lion wants to play

  10. La Paz_20180916_0085

    La Paz_20180916_0085

  11. La Paz_20180916_0079

    La Paz_20180916_0079

  12. La Paz_20180916_0045

    La Paz_20180916_0045

  13. La Paz

    La Paz

  14. devingordon

    Suggestions for junior diver in La Paz, Cabo area

    I'm considering a trip including a 13-year-old junior diver to La Paz and the Cabo area. A primary draw is the sea lion dive, but are there other shallow, fairly easy dives in the area? We might also do a whale shark snorkel trip as well if possible. I've read a good bit about Cabo Pulmo and...
  15. devingordon

    Accommodations advice needed for first-timers

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'm now looking at a number of additional properties, including Belmar and others in the Belnem area.
  16. devingordon

    Accommodations advice needed for first-timers

    I'm planning our first trip to Bonaire for April and would like some advice on accommodations. Our group is me, my wife and our 12-year-old junior diver. Accommodations requirements are a full kitchen, waterfront, a nicer condo (we don't expect luxury but would like something a bit nicer) and a...
  17. devingordon

    Key Largo dive ops for junior checkout dives

    My wife and I have settled on Key Largo (or nearby) as the best location for our son's checkout dives for his open water certification this summer. Given the shallow dives and relative ease of diving, the Upper Keys seem like a good choice. So I'm looking for a recommendation for a dive op or...
  18. devingordon

    Looking for whale shark provider near Cancun

    I'm heading to Playa del Carmen this summer and would like to snorkel with whale sharks with one of the tours leaving near Cancun. I've read numerous posts about the snorkel tours but for some reason people rarely mention the provider. Can anyone recommend a good provider? We'll have a rental...
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