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    Anyone have a scan of the Dacor Quantum Loop manual?

    A few years ago, someone hosted a copy of the manual, but that link is defunct now. Anyone have a copy to post or email? thanks, Mike
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    What reg is this? Help with leak.

    Just got this from eBay, represented as made by Beuchat. The only reference material I have is a 1999 service manual, and this doesn't match anything therein, though it does begin to externally resemble a version of the V10 shown in the legacy reg section, though not internally due to the...
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    What is this HP seat?

    Got a bunch of these years ago from a guy who seemed to specialize in USD, TUSA, and Poseidon. The bag was hand marked TR-911, but someone scratched out the TR. They are about the size of the seats for many piston regs, about 1/2 inch across. I'd like to pass them along if I knew how to...
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    Unusual ScubaPro 109 poppet?

    I found this inside an old SP 109. I haven't seen this style of poppet in the documents or discussions here at SB, except possibly the 1978 Technical Manual. The cut-away diagram on page 10 appears to look like this one. The odd thing about this setup is that the spring end just seems to rest...
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    New (to me, anyway) scuba history website

    Just came across this. Probably not nearly encyclopedic, but still pretty fun. home | BluTimeScubaHistory
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    Online source for saddles?

    I've got a couple of regs in need of saddles. One at least is an Oceanic, not sure of the other. Never compared saddles, but they seem to be fairly generically sized. Does anyone know of a source for these, other than asking the LDS to contact the manufacturer?
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    Which Oceanic diaphragm 1st stage do I have?

    Trying to ID this reg, and hoping to find a new HP seat. No Oceanic markings except the yoke knob, but there are a couple of externally similar Oceanic regs on eBay (they have a plain cap on the the HP side, not one with the center plug like mine). Neither of them has a model ID.
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    Anyone dive Looe Key or the Vandenberg today (May 18)?

    Visibility at Looe Key and American Shoals has been lousy all week, and we've heard a couple of times from Key West shops that it's been no better at the Vandenberg. Did anyone try the Vandenberg or anywhere else in the Lower Keys today and find decent visibility? Getting down to the last...
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    For Sale Olympus SP-350 8MP camera and PT-030 housing

    Camera and housing for sale, both little used. Includes two rechargeable CR-V3 batteries, and two xD memory cards (1GB and 2GB). Camera can also use AA batteries. Housing has been wet pressure tested to 130fsw equivalent. Camera lens is free of scratches. LCD screen has a few light...
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    Good place for hydro in SF Bay Area

    Just heard from Wallin's in San Mateo that they want $75 for hydro+viz+fill. Anyone know of any better pricing than that in the area?
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    Answered: broken links in email notifications of thread activity

    Just got an automated email notification of a subscribed thread, with the links to both the title and in the View This Thread button broken. In both cases a period was missing from the core of the URL, but a different one in each broken link. I seem to recall this has happened before on...
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    tank rentals in Lower Keys or Key West

    Does anyone know of a shop in the Lower Keys or Key West that will do term tank rentals (weekly rate for the tanks w/o fills) rather than the typical $10-$15, one fill per day arrangement? We're not far from Looe Key Dive or the KOA for the daily rate, but was hoping to find a term rental deal...
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    Mysterious crystal formation in underwater housing

    I recently took a Sony RX100 in Meikon polycarbonate housing on a couple dozen dives in Hawaii. This was the first use of the new housing, and first time U/W with that camera as well. After the first few dives, I began putting a single Moisture Muncher tube inside the housing each day. I...
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    For Sale Big Island Divers air fill cards - 9 and ~75 fills

    BID no longer has a term tank rental policy that necessitates the use of fill cards, so unless I make some quick plans to move here - not out of the question! - I've got two cards I can no longer use. One card has 9 remaining fills, the other around 75. They have said they will honor the old...
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    New chapter for Big Island Divers!

    With my first trip in two years, I guess I'm late to find out that BID has been under new management, with a thoroughly remodelled and spiffy looking store. No break in pleasing the dive crowds, from what I can see, and a friendly and helpful staff. They have changed at least one of their...
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    Want to Buy Oceanic Air XS 2 - complete or partial - body must be serviceable

    Split the body on my Air XS 2. If you've got one to sell, I'm interested. Prefer complete and working, but so long as the body itself is serviceable, I can use it. PM is best means to contact, I don't reliably get thread reply notifications.
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    Tips for solo doffing front-entry drysuit

    I'm switching from back-zip to diagonal front-zip drysuit, a Pinnacle Black Ice, with the objective of being able to don and doff the suit without any assistance. I've had it on exactly one time, for a pool test. I can see I'll need some sort of device to extend my reach for full zipper range...
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    Dacor Pacer 900 - balance chamber stuck

    I'm servicing an old Pacer 900 for the first time, referring to an old manual kindly provided years ago by knotical. I'm unable to remove the balance chamber. It appears it should drift out, being held only by a captured o-ring. However, I've whacked it fairly hard with a punch down through...
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    Need help identifying old Oceanic 1st stage

    I started digging through bins of old regulators and parts today, a corner of the sisyphean plight not recently visited. Among many I could eventually identify, I found a couple of old Oceanic regs that have stumped me. Both look the same, aside from one being a Nitrox version with Delta 2nd...
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    For Sale Pair Of Faber / Scubapro 76cuft Lp Steel Tanks Dot 3aa 2400+; Out Of Hydro $200

    Pair of ScubaPro branded 76 cu ft Faber LP steel tanks. DOT 3AA 2400+. Tanks have ScubaPro DIN200 valves with yoke inserts. Tanks are out of hydro, but clean inside. I don't see an REE number. Last hydro'd in 2009. These are thin tanks, 6.75" diameter, about 26" tall w/o valve. Prefer...
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