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  1. BigRed96

    Double Hose backplate

    I have made some revisions to the classic double hose backplate design and this is what I plan on testing next time I’m out diving. I liked the ability to use a single piece of webbing like my HOG plate uses so I mixed the two designs and came up with the design pictured.
  2. BigRed96

    My Compressor build

    I am currently piecing together a small compressor based on plans from decades old Popular Mechanics. I modified the compressor loosely following the directions. I’m using a 1/2 horsepower electric motor. Tonight I cnc plasma cut the plate that mounts both the motor and compressor from 3/16”...
  3. BigRed96

    Filtering recommendations?

    Good Day All, I am currently building a small compressor setup using some plans from Popular Mechanics. It’s a small Cornelius compressor and I’m in need of some filtration recommendations. I believe the compressor is only rated at .6 FFM. Can someone point me in the right direction for...
  4. BigRed96

    Want to Buy DA Aquamaster

    I’m looking for a DA AM. I’m not too concerned about it’s condition cosmetically as I plan on blasting and coating it.
  5. BigRed96

    I wanted a VDH backplate...

    But they don’t seem to have any available. I happen to have a CNC plasma table so I drew up a what I would call a cheap copy. Hopefully I’m not stepping on anyones toes (Luis or Bryan) as I don’t plan on offering them for sale. Just for my pleasure. The pic is just a auto cad drawing of what...
  6. BigRed96

    US Divers/Aqualung Jet Air

    Just wanted to share my new to me Jet Air. I picked it up off eBay and probably paid too much. I tore it down, cleaned it in my ultrasonic cleaner, and rebuilt with an array of new parts both from VDH and the Scuba Museum. This reg puts me up to 3 double hose regs, two of which I plan on diving.
  7. BigRed96

    What do you all think?

    My brother is the one responsible for getting me into diving. I have amassed quite the collection of gear and enjoy working on all of it. Anyway, he dives a Titan reg set right now. I have a soft spot for the Scubapro 109’s and have a few. With the duropoppet kit from VDH the regs breath so...
  8. BigRed96

    American Bristol/Bauer Capitano K

    Hi All, looking at a compressor and I was wondering what it would be worth. I’m not sure what to offer. The seller said it’s been sitting for 10-15 years in a garage. Here’s a pic of the nameplate. Are parts still available for it?
  9. BigRed96

    Cornelius Compressor Conversion

    Good Evening All, I have been on a vintage kick with my scuba gear lately and recently picked up a wwII era Cornelius compressor. I want to convert it so I can fill my lp scuba tanks and also to display in my ever growing vintage scuba collection. I found plans on VDH for the conversion and...
  10. BigRed96

    Tank to tank fill?

    Hi All, I recently was certified to do tank visual inspections. I have quite a few tanks and economically it made sense. My question is that I don’t want to leave my tanks empty to long after an inspection and getting them filled right away isn’t always an option. My idea is to use what I...
  11. BigRed96

    Storing Double hose regulators?

    Good Evening All, I was wondering what you're using as far as storage for you dh regs when traveling? I use common reg bags for my single hose regs but was thinking they wouldn't be adequate for the dh regs due to the differing dimensions. I was thinking about a padded camera bag. After...
  12. BigRed96

    Want to Buy US Diver Jet Air

    Wondering what’s out there for sale
  13. BigRed96

    Can someone please date this?

    New to me Mistral I picked up. No serial number and the address is 11201 West Pico. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. BigRed96

    Pictures, Ads, etc. that are free to print

    Good Day All, I have a small set of shelves on each side of my fireplace here in my home. One side is dedicated to family pictures and such, the other set is for my small, but growing, collection of vintage scuba gear, memorabilia, and finds from my diving adventures. The side with the family...
  15. BigRed96

    Fair Price?

    I was wondering what you all would consider a fair price for a Mistrial Single Stage doublehose? I know the finish has some to do with the price. Also its missing the hoses. I'm mainly looking for a display piece but the way it goes I won't be able to leave it alone. I see many parts available...
  16. BigRed96

    Help me identify this HP hose

    Good Day All, just finished updating a DA Aquamaster with all the goodies I bought from VDH and Scuba Museum. Can’t wait to dive it! Anyway, I plan on running a vintage Aqualung SPG I have. Only issue is that the hp hose had a small leak where the fitting is crimped to the hose. Can someone...
  17. BigRed96

    DA Aquamaster Help

    Good Day All, I now have all the pieces to build my Aquamaster. Does anyone know of any detailed instructions to putting one together? I had disassembled it months ago and cleaned it so I’m foggy as to everything’s order in reassembly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  18. BigRed96

    US Divers K Valve Oring Question

    Good Evening All, I rebuilding a vintage US Divers K Valve and have stubbled upon an issue. There is a plug on the right hand side of the valve and I’m trying to figure out the oring size for it. I have included a pic of a valve that’s the same as mine.
  19. BigRed96

    Steel tank questions

    Hi All, I have a handful of steel tanks I’m trying to identify. From what I gathered so far, they are PST brand and rated to 2250 + 10%. My question is how do I determine the tanks volume? Also, are these tanks worth trying to hydro and vis? I am getting into vintage diving equipment and...
  20. BigRed96

    Suunto Zoop

    Hi All, I acquired a Suunto Zoop computer mounted in a console. I would like to change it to a wrist mount. I was wondering if anyone knows of a wrist mount for the older Zoop or it the wrist mount feom a current Zoop Nova will fit? The only watch type band I could find for the Zoop is...
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