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    UK - Sea Snake...?

    On a recent dive in the UK, we came across what looks like a sea snake. I didn't think we got them in the UK as its generally too cold ScubaDiving 20210811 Sea Snake.mp4 Anyone recognise it more accurately? Location : Swanage Pier, Dorset, UK Depth : abt 4m to bottom Temperature: 19 degrees.
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    Yamaha RDS200 Battery Connector

    Hi Does anyone know the name for this connector on the Yamaha RDS200? Looking to get some so I don't need to spend three times as much on batteries. Would rather use the right connenctors; otherwise I'll cut it of on the battery side and put different ones on. Thanks. Nick. P.S. The...
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    Reading Wireless Air Transmitter using Arduino

    Hi Has anyone managed to successfully read wireless air pressure transmitters using an arduino (or similar) and a suitable receiver? I did do a bit of searching, but couldn't find anything. Thanks. Nick.
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    Hi from the UK

    Hi Always wanted to try scuba diving, so finally (I'm 46) got off my butt to make it happen. I got my Open Water a few weeks ago. My kids are also interested, will be looking to get them involved next year when hopefully things settle down a bit more. With the kids involved my aim is to...
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