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  1. Dsix36

    New charges for Sotis (Add helium)and Emilie Voissem (Nexus Underwater)

    Any Idea of the sentence for Emilie?
  2. Dsix36

    New charges for Sotis (Add helium)and Emilie Voissem (Nexus Underwater)

    Wasn't the sentencing supposed to happen today?
  3. Dsix36

    Handheld Primary Light Options (Cave)

    You can always rent one from CCDS ($10 a day) to see how you like it. That is what I did, I bought one from them the next day.
  4. Dsix36

    SOLD!!! Dive Rite EX35

    Light has been sold
  5. Dsix36

    For Sale Rebreather homebuilders dream come true

    Everything was originaly for use on a Defender rebreather all loop hose fitting are for a 1-1/2" hose. Buy everything for $750 or as follows: 1 - Golem gear, top of shoulder counter lung set. Look to be brand new and never installed. $300 2 - hammerhead front mounted counter lung set withe set...
  6. Dsix36

    Handheld Primary Light (Cave)

    I use a LX20 for ocean and cave diving. Never had a single issue with flooding in several years now.
  7. Dsix36

    SOLD!!! Dive Rite EX35

    price drop to $800
  8. Dsix36

    2nd stage Apeks ATX40 fine tuning

    This may be too basic and simple, but have you verified there is no IP creep after letting it flow a bit?
  9. Dsix36

    How many sensors should I replace on rEvo after 8 months of not diving?

    I think the entire CCR industry will recommend to bin any sensor after 1 year from the time it has been opened. Unless someone has stopped covering their butts. Using one after a year is pushing the safety limits and will be entirely a personal decision.. Telling someone to use them longer...
  10. Dsix36

    Revo absorbent cloth in exhale lung

    It happened to my buddy once but thankfully it was an easy bimble dive and was nothing more than ending the dive early. The only other incident was shown to me topside at a cave diving site. the diver discovered that morning doing the stereo check of the mushroom valves.
  11. Dsix36

    Hog wrapping a bail out hose under a loop on a rebreather.

    When my primary buddy and myself began doing longer and deeper cave dives with restrictions, we did a whole lot of experimenting with configurations in easy environments and thouroughly tested out our ideas before implementing them. We plan for 1 DPV failure and 1 CCR failure. We used back...
  12. Dsix36

    Revo absorbent cloth in exhale lung

    I have not, and most likely never will, use cooper hoses. Many people like them but the extremely slim chance of them de-laminating and the inner core collapsing during a dive deters me. The exterior never seems to hold up without getting fuzzier than one of my cats either. The cost of them...
  13. Dsix36

    Revo absorbent cloth in exhale lung

    I was originally trained to use one in both CL's and have been doing so far several years and never had an issue with WOB of ADV interference. Mine is about half size and rolled up, placed at the bottom of the CL.
  14. Dsix36

    Bauer purus

    Same thing as my first compressor. I paid $400 knowing that it only pumped to 2000psi. I invested less than $3 to get it fixed and ran it for several years before upgrading. I took a chance and it paid off. sold it for a profit in the end too.
  15. Dsix36

    SOLD!!! Dive Rite EX35

    Like new with only 4 fresh water dives. $900obo
  16. Dsix36

    Want to Buy LED Canister Light - FOUND

    I have a Dive Rite EX35 that is like brand new with only a handful of dives in fresh water. MSRP is $1250.00 so I will take the first $1000.00 obo and cover the shipping in the continental US.
  17. Dsix36

    burping loop

    1 - burping the loop is not difficult and should be thoroughly trained in your mod 1. The ingress of water is so minimal that it is a non concern. 2 - controlling your buoyancy is much easier when you also control the loop volume vs. letting it just pop off when ever it wants to. 3 - without...
  18. Dsix36

    Looking to Buy a Rebreather

    I am very reluctant to show my checklist since it is abbreviated and very concise. It works for me but may very well get someone else killed trying to use it. It took me a long time to work out something that was short enough that I would keep using it and still contain the most vital items...
  19. Dsix36

    Looking to Buy a Rebreather

    I wrote my own pre jump check list and have it on whiter electrical tape on my handset. I have been using it for several years now and have only found need to modify one word and add one new line. It may not be 100% comprehensive but it certainly covers the critical points to keep me alive...
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