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  1. sea2summit

    Apocalypse Rebreather

    Wow, thread blast from the past. Sense the owner of the Apoc has pretty much been exposed for the scam artist that he is and a prism is an actual rebreather It'd have to say prism 2.
  2. sea2summit

    Recurring Costs

    Only thing I see left out is regulator first stage services (one dill, one O2). Also O2 lube (still one my first tube after two years), replacement seals here and there, and batteries for your computers.
  3. sea2summit

    X-Scooter Manta Dogfight

    How did you talk your way into the ATL aquarium with xscoots? Awesome vid.
  4. sea2summit

    Rebreather Question from a non-rebreather user

    O2 rebreathers where touched on so I wont hit that again. What I will add is that a CCR, especially when running trimix with low O2 content, is much more labor intensive when shallow and not maintaining a consistant depth. Deeper is better but it helps if you can maintain a depth. Also I don't...
  5. sea2summit

    X-treme scooters

    So you're saying if you don't kick it will go 264fpm and if you kick 440fpm? I'm amazed, why did I pay all that money for my scooter:dontknow: Have you tested that on a measured course or just eyeballing it?
  6. sea2summit

    AHHH... VR3... piece of crap

    Never understood why someone would own a computer that just gives you the tables when you have that "ahh bleep" dive. Didn't you pay $XXXX for a computer and $5 for a plastic set of tables:shakehead: Anyway if you need the name of a good shearwater dealer let me know:cool2:
  7. sea2summit

    Looking for a good technical instructor

    Why TDI? I'd look for the good instructor part first. Where do you want to learn in "warm" water, surely not NYC.
  8. sea2summit

    Thing about a CUDA. 650 v. 850? Any thoughts

    For sure, as soon as you hit the trigger, right after you get the kick in the butt, you can hear the difference in the motor even at 3 sounds like a jet engine now. For the size/weight of the package it is totally unbeatable. I can't find an excuse to upgrade from my 650 but I'm open to...
  9. sea2summit

    Thing about a CUDA. 650 v. 850? Any thoughts

    I got to dive a fury two weeks ago. HOLY FU(*&G S(*&)* is that thing more ballzy than my 650. I really want to see what one would do with an AL prop and me in a monky 80...might be able to break the sound barrier.
  10. sea2summit

    BP/W Riding up.

    Diving wet or dry? Stainless or AL BP? 100cft steel, steel BP, STA, 10lbs seems like a lot of weight possibly overweighted. For sure not adjusted right, take a look at this YouTube - GUE Backplate how to
  11. sea2summit

    End tidal CO2 Monitoring

  12. sea2summit

    End tidal CO2 Monitoring

    Same unit. My buddy dove a KISS for years prior to trying to switch to a Meg and had issues on two dives. He thought there was a relation to BMCL vs front and his retention issues. Would be an interesting study with those suseptable to/demonstrated retention and it seems to me it would tie...
  13. sea2summit

    End tidal CO2 Monitoring

    What unit where you on? My buddy with the issue we believe was a retention issue as well.
  14. sea2summit

    End tidal CO2 Monitoring

    At 300' no amount of CO2 is tolerable to a diver. "I" think Mel's point is you go from 0 CO2 in the loop to a near fatal/fatal amount in a breath or two, in which case an alarm would not give you adequate time to respond. It's not about stretching scrubber at all it makes no sense to dive...
  15. sea2summit

    End tidal CO2 Monitoring

    Three;) Would have made an intro at the BBQ if I would have known a fellow SB'r was there. Anyway back on topic. I think even though you go from nothing to breakthrough on a scrubber I still think it would be useful. I know a CCR diver that took a hit in a cave and had a pretty rough exit...
  16. sea2summit

    CCRinstructor in SW Florida

    If it's meg Greg Stanton (last name spelling?) and Jill Heinerth are both pretty local. Mel Clark travels down there all the time as well to teach. All are great...but Mel is the best. Don't know much about Peter except he has the best deals around on sorb:D
  17. sea2summit

    I Too Am Thinking of a Scooter

    How much sand? Sea do might work a 10'x10'x2" area for you but beyond that you're probably looking at spending some money.
  18. sea2summit

    CCRinstructor in SW Florida

    Just curious why spend all that money on a breather and restrict your search to a geographic area? Worth it to travel for the instructor if needed, my $0.02.
  19. sea2summit

    Magnus envy

    Try a Cuda Fury. I'd love to put them together in a dark room and see what comes out:cupid:
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