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    Trip Report 25 Days in French Polynesia

    Recently spent 25 days in French Polynesia. It was a good trip, not a great trip. Not great mostly due to Covid, island closures and French tourists not taking Covid seriously. I think the latter is due to several factors including the lack of need to test negative to return to France if they...
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    Tiger Sharks in Tahiti

    Has anyone done a Tiger Shark dive in Tahiti? Have a few days there before going to Rurutu, Rangiroa and Fakarava. Is it worth doing? Thanks
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    Solomon Islands

    Anyone have any inside information regarding when Solomon Islands will open? Have a trip in August, but don't think it will open. Looking to book another trip to French Polynesia for same time period, but reluctant without official word on Solomon's. Thank you.
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    Rescue Diver Course

    Taking rescue diver course for possible FP trip as they have weird dive rating system IMHO. Regardless, signed up for class. Question... am wrong to thinks it's weird to charge for tanks for the class. Never had any extra charges for OWA, AOW or Nitrox.
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    French Polynesia

    Looking like Aug/Sept trip to Solomon's is going to be postponed. Thinking of going to French Polynesia if Solomon's falls through as its humpback season. Have availability from mid August to mid September. Looks like its all dive shop boat diving. Does anyone have recommendations on diving in...
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    Mares Quad Air Transmitter

    Recent purchase of Mares Quad Air with Transmitter. Pretty sure I won't be diving until August. Is there a way to test the transmitter is working without connecting to a tank? Assuming no, but needed to ask. Thanks...
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    SOLD!!! Mares Puck Air with Compass - $150 plus shipping

    Used Mares Puck Air with a compass. Used on 2 dive trips. Upgraded to a wrist computer. Pictures attached.
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    Where To?

    After months of caring for people through the pandemic, my wife and I are looking to get out and travel again. We have recently been vaccinated with both rounds of Pfizer vaccine. So feel comfortable making a trip. Thinking April or May... Our last trip was on Mike Ball in January, just before...
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    Has anyone had any experience with Kaiser and international dive incidents. I was able to confirm that they will cover emergency visits and air/ground ambulance transfers. Still working on hyperbaric coverage. Thank you
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    180 Ikelite Viewfinder Cover Problem

    Bought a 180 Ikelite viewfinder from Backscatter. I guess these are just rebranded Inon's as it says Inon on it, not Ikelte. Regardless, the cover for the viewfinder will not stay on and falls off just by touching it. Does anyone else have one and have a similar issue? I contacted Backscatter...
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    Mike Ball Computer

    Anyone thats been on Mike Ball know what size SD card their computer takes? Need to transfer images from camera to tablet. Tablet has micro sd, but have an adapter for SDXC/SDHC to micro if it will fit. Prefer not to have to travel with my laptop.
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    Ikelite Housing Problems

    So, finally received all the pieces to the puzzle in building a new rig. Put it together yesterday to make sure everything works. Ikelite Canon 80D Housing Ikelite DS160 Strobes x2 Orcatorch D910v x2 for video Kraken sports hydra 1000+ wsr for focus light Ikelite TTL converter Ikelite 8" Dome...
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    Kraken sports hydra 1000+ wsr

    Just picked one up as a focus light and will use the auto on/off feature. For those that use one, how do you know the auto on/off is set? Manual says to hold down button for couple seconds. But, says nothing else. When I do that, circle around on/off blinks green constantly. Does this mean Auto...
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    Auto WB or Custom or Both

    Background... I'm getting back into underwater photography. To be honest, it wasn't a huge success for me back when I did shoot underwater. Came away with some good shots, but... Started with Canon G2 in Ikelite housing with D50 strobe then I shot a Canon 20D in Ikelite housing with a single...
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    Best Options For Post Software

    I use Photoshop for still photos and just getting into video. Using Canon DSLR with 2 Orcatorch D910v lights. Have 2 Windows I7 computers with plenty of memory and fast hard drives. What are thoughts on best post production software for videos? Would prefer to stay away from Adobe's...
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    For Sale Canon 70D w/18-55mm Lens

    $400.00. Selling a lightly used Canon 70D. It's never been underwater. Was going to upgrade my old housing system to 70D, but decided to upgrade camera as well. Comes with 18-55mm lens, battery, battery charger. Its a great camera and does not have any issues. Buyer pays shipping.
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    DS160 and Focus Light

    Upgrading my system. Getting an Ikelite Housing for my 70D. Going to get 2 DS160's and 2 lights for video. Thinking Orcatorch D910v. Regardless, question... Will the Ds160's modeling light be sufficient as a focus light or would a Kraken sports hydra 1000+ wsr be better. Thanks!
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    Need help with video light

    I am setting up a new rig for my Canon 70D. Primarily photos, but want to do some decent video as well. Plan on Ikelite 200DL housing with 2 DS161 strobes and 2 wide angle ball arms. What would a recommendation be for a decent light to capture video? Just looking at purchasing one light to use...
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    Mares Axis Octopus

    I have 2 Mares Axis Octopuses for sale. $25 each or $40 for 2 of them. Pick up in the Bay Area or add shipping cost (whatever my cost is) and 3% Paypal.
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    Palau Liveaboard Hotel Suggestion

    Headed to Palau for a Peter Hughes liveaboard in July and need to find a hotel for when we arrive and when we depart. Flight arrives at 10:00p and we get off the boat at 8:00a on the day we depart, but we don't get on the plane until 2:30a. So, looking for a hotel that will work with us on these...
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