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  1. downdeep

    Oye, BONphiles. Requiescat en pace Jake Richter.+

    Oh, Doc, I'm so sorry to hear this. Jake's websites were the go-to location for everything Bonaire. An icon who will truly be missed. What a loss this is. Condolences.
  2. downdeep

    Philadelphia Quarry, Tennessee

    Sounds like a typical day at the quarry alright. I'm not familiar with GoPro. Did you post some photos? My husband does underwater video and I have an Ikelite housing for my Nikon D80 DSLR. Haven't had an opportunity to use it lately, though. :( I'm not dry suit certified, but I have a...
  3. downdeep

    Philadelphia Quarry, Tennessee

    Did you go? Sorry, I didn't get notice of your post in time. I would have said the 2nd thermocline would be 58-63. How close was I?
  4. downdeep

    My fantastic experience with SSI's AOW Course

    Congratulations Rey!!! I am tickled to death that you found a great instructor. Now get out and dive!
  5. downdeep

    i need to float

    My husband sinks like a stone. He never thought he would pass DM. I told him to lay on his back, be totally relaxed, fill his lungs as much as possible, and keep his head back (think chin pointing toward ceiling). Worked for him! ;)
  6. downdeep

    Happy day for me today...

    Now you are a frogman! No style points awarded in scuba diving, thank goodness. When my husband and I take dive trips we look like drowned rats by the end of the week. Saltwater all day and alcohol all night.
  7. downdeep


    tstormdiver is spot on. Take your snorkel to the pool and slowly descend in the shallow end with your back to the wall. When you start to feel anxious, stop and just breathe, even if your nose isn't yet underwater. Inch down until you can get your head under, then relax for a few minutes. It...
  8. downdeep

    Happy day for me today...

  9. downdeep

    Happy day for me today...

    Don't you just hate it when your thread gets hijacked by a know-it-all? Did you dive this weekend? Surely you did. Tell me about it. I haven't been diving off West Palm, but I understand there are some artificial reefs there. You've bought the equipment so now you're commited! I'm...
  10. downdeep

    Great Dive Experience in Cozumel

    I'm thinking Turks and Caicos on liveaboard.
  11. downdeep

    Happy day for me today...

    You're welcome. OK. True, I did not read every page of this thread. My mistake. I beg your pardon. Ah, so you are an engineer. That explains a lot. I thought you were a pompous ass, but you're just an engineer. Since most of my friends are nuclear engineers from Oak Ridge, I...
  12. downdeep

    Great Dive Experience in Cozumel

    Gotta love Coz! It's easy diving. Glad you had a great time. Where to next? :D
  13. downdeep

    How deep have you gone on air?

  14. downdeep

    Happy day for me today...

    Ummm. Did you mean to say No one??? Sorry. Just trying to point out ignorant truths regarding the written word.
  15. downdeep

    First rung on scuba ladder

    And be sure to reward yourself along the way as you accomplish your goals. Like subscribe to a scuba magazine. Or buy a Reef Creatures book. Or buy a cool diving T-shirt or hat. It will motivate you to reach the next goal. Have fun, cause that's what it's all about. See ya underwater soon!
  16. downdeep

    Happy day for me today...

    Ummm. Did you mean to say denial? Please clarify.
  17. downdeep

    Great Wreck Diving?

    Second that. (Hi Thal) The Spegiel Grove is a cool dive. Big! The Duane is one of my favorites. It can have a ripping current over it, though. It's not the US, but there are some good wrecks in the Bahamas. There are several around Nassau and it's not far nor expensive, relatively speaking.
  18. downdeep

    Happy day for me today...

    Aren't they so graceful?! I love the Eagle Rays. Also the Blue Angelfish. I've never seen them outside Pennekamp.
  19. downdeep

    Mission Accomplished - OW Certified

    WoooHoooo. Good for you! Enjoy your accomplishment. Have fun. Get some dives under your belt, then go for your advanced. You can do it. Never stop learning!
  20. downdeep

    Certified and Dangerous. Where do we go from here?

    It's fun to read these forums. I remember when I first got OW. I thought I was a diving sack of hell. Little did I know how little did I know.
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