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    JJ CCR Dead?

    I was recently certified on the AP Inspiration. I was speaking with a prominent local diver who mentioned that JJ was dying soon. This guy is in a position to know things that I don’t. In any case, he said the owner of the company plans to retire and has no intention of selling the company...
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    First open water dives with rebreather...

    I had my first two open water dives with a rebreather yesterday. The first dive was an unmitigated disaster within the first three minutes, I was questioning every life choice I have ever made. My instincts told me to swim the rebreather to the middle of the quarry, scuttle it there, swim...
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    Why no love?

    I am new to rebreathers (so new I haven't even dove one yet) but I am completing the TDI training next week. In any case, I have been reading a lot about the various brands and I have some questions regarding attitudes/beliefs and trends. JJ, Meg, fathom, Revo, Defender, Optima, and Kiss are...
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    Are moderators still active on Rebreather World?

    I signed up for an account there on the 7th and I'm still not approved. I got the confirmation email and followed the link at which point it told me that a moderator would review and approve me. I'm still waiting. Is this normal? Aaron
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    WTX-60R question

    I set up a WTX-60R in a Hogarthian config (or where I can find a setup guide specific to this bladder). I need to know hose length and placement for the redundant bladder. Standard length is a bit too long and I don't want to buy 3 hoses trying to figure out the best length. I tried to...
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    First time of tech doubles, had a bit of trouble...

    Ok, I have 80 dives in the last 2 years or so, couple of different certs. I feel pretty good about my rec diving and my confidence has grown tremendously in the last year. O.K. on to the reason for the post... So, I live on the Great Lakes and I recently decided to buy a dry suit and take the...
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    Weird issue with Reg after service

    Ok, so I have 2 Apeks Black Sapphires, I just had them both serviced prior to a trip to Coz and noticed something strange. When I am at shallow depths (10 to 15 feet) one of the two makes a strange howling sound on inspiration. Also, this part could all just be in my head, but I can't seem to...
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    Need help importing a reg...

    I'm looking for an o2 clean MTX-R reg. I know Apeks makes one, its listed on our the UK site but not the US. My dive shop tells me that they cannot get it. Anyone have any ideas where I may find one to have it shipped to the US? Thanks in advance... Aaron
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    3 Gauge counsel disassembly

    I picked up a 3 gauge counsel and I want to remove the HP hose and install a light weight braided hose. Does anyone know how to take the plastic cover off? Thanks Aaron
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    New Apeks Wing/BC at DEMA 2019

    Any info on the new bladder at DEMA 2019... Sorry I don't have a pic but I've seen a pic of it on Facebook without any corresponding info...
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    Idea for NERD III

    I have NERD II and love it. The first dive or two, I didn't like it because I couldn't figure out how/where to position if for maximum visibility. After a dozen or so dives with it, I am happy to say, I got it figured out and love it. I do have a suggestion for the NERD III and it is simple...
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    Where is the D630?

    I expected the D630 to be available by now. What happened? Are they still working on it? Aaron
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    KVR1 Drysuit discontinued?

    I saw on a couple of sites that the KVR1 drysuit was discontinued. I didn't see any news related to this and Apeks still lists it on their site. Is it discontinued and if so, is there a new version coming out? Why did they DC it? Thanks in advance, Aaron
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    Orchatorch D620V

    Does anyone have any experience with this light? I see the regular D620 version for sale at various resellers, but I am not seeing the "V" (video) version. I also haven't seen any reviews of the "V" version. I am going to Cozumel in about a month and thought about picking one of these up for...
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