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  1. chinacat46

    Tulamben restaurants and dive sites

    I'm heading to Tulamben in a couple weeks and wanted recommendations for restaurants and dive sites. We are staying at Liberty Dive Resort.
  2. chinacat46

    padang bai question

    I'm going to Padang Bai in October and am staying at Padang Bai Beach Resort. I'm thinking of diving with Geko Dive but wanted to know how close/far they are to the Beach Resort. I don't mind a short walk but if I have to carry my camera long distance each day then we might opt to dive with the...
  3. chinacat46

    Suunto Vyper

    Looking for a used Vyper to replace my old one. Would like to know when you purchased it and how many dives you have on it. Also when/if battery was last replaced.
  4. chinacat46

    recsea 95 adaptor question

    I'm going to buy a recsea 95 and want to use bayonet lens. I've found three different adaptors and was wondering what people would recommend. Backscatter and Reef both sell the Fisheye Fix Inon 28AD adaptor which costs about $189. Blue Water sells the Dyron 28AD quick mount adaptor also at $189...
  5. chinacat46

    Anilao and PG dive sites?

    I'm heading to Anilao and Puerto Galera for the last two weeks of October. Was looking for dive site recommendations. What are the dive sites we can't miss? Also what will the water temps be then. aTdHvAaNnKcSe
  6. chinacat46

    chili crab

    Going to be passing thru Singapore on my trip to Lembeh Strait. Was wondering if anyone could recommend a place for chili crab in the Boat Quay area. aTdHvAaNnKcSe
  7. chinacat46

    Dive logic

    Every year Sue and four other divers meet in Bali for at least a week of diving. On a recent visit the five all from different places(one is from Eugene) arrived in Bali at different times. Each wore a different dive related t-shirt and each person has a unique nickname. From this information...
  8. chinacat46

    camera insurance

    Just got an Oly c5050 and pt-015. I was wondering about insurance for it. So I was wondering what companies there were out there and who you use and why. Also if you've had to make a claim how did that go. Thnx, Chinacat46
  9. chinacat46


    Hey now, Glad to see there is some place on the net to talk Scuba. Checked out rec.scuba but they don't seem to talk about scuba over there. Every thing but. Any way I've been diving for a few years and have my PADI Master Scuba rating. I've dove in Australia, NZ, Fiji, Mexico(Sea of Cortez)...
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