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  1. dwaters

    Bottom Scratcher this Sat. 27th

    Just wondering if any on the 'board will be on board this Saturday on the Bottom Scratcher? My regular dive buddies couldn't go this weekend and I just have to get gills are getting dry:D . If you're there, make sure you say howdy and if your looking for a easy going, safe dive...
  2. dwaters

    Summer End Bash @ Casino Point the 30th

    There will be a group of us heading over to Casino Point dive park Saturday the 30th. Rumor says it's someones birthday too. Please feel free to join us for day of diving and fun. More the merrier.:D
  3. dwaters

    Casino Point, Sat. July 3rd

    Few of us are going over Saturday the 3rd to get wet @ the Avalon dive park. Leaving L.B. @ 6:15 AM and returning 3:45 PM. Anyone else going over then? Hope to see a few of ya'll. :D
  4. dwaters

    Sat., May 1st on the G.E.

    Two fellow SBers from Texas and Paul & self are diving with the Great Escape on Saturday the 1st of May..... Anyone else jumping on board? Love to have those I have not seen for awhile and chance to meet new friends. :D Here is their link: Dive California Scuba Live a Board Dive Boat ...
  5. dwaters

    Casino Point Sat. Jan 9th

    Okay, I got Express tickets for Christmas that is burning a hole in my pocket and a free Saturday off. :D But my regular dive buddies can't go. :depressed: ~ Anyone planning or wish to go to Avalon and dive the "park" this Saturday the 9th. I'm planning to board @ 8:00 am from L.B. &...
  6. dwaters

    Who's diving Casino Point Sat. July 11th?

    I'm going over Friday night to dive Saturday with few friends. Also, a group from DMX are having their monthly "SoCal Dive-In" dive/party. Anyone else going to be there? Would love to see some old friends and meet new ones also. There are still deals to be had if anyone wants to spend a...
  7. dwaters

    Happy B-day, thermobryan

    Happy Birthday, Bryan!!! :balloons::hb2::hb2::hb2::balloons::balloons: Hope you have a good day and... get wet!!! :D
  8. dwaters

    Avalon - June 6th Dive Weekend

    Even though the grand plan of "Invade Catalina" did not get off the ground all the way, there is few of us still planning to at least dive at the Casino Park in Avalon the Saturday June 6th. Who is planning to dive Saturday and anyone spending the night(s) to extend the fun? There are few...
  9. dwaters

    Another "non-official DWNDD" Wed. 29th

    Fisheater and I will be jumping on the Express to go diving Casino Point (Avalon) on Wednesday April 29th. Departing 6:15 am from Long Beach..... (10:00 am is still avail. also.) We are coming back on the 3:45 pm (7:30 pm is also avail.) Anyone want to join us?
  10. dwaters

    Happy B-day, diverrex!

    Happy b-day, Rex! :banana::birthday::birthday::banana: Hope you spent your day with friends, family, and maybe alittle diving. :D :wave::wave::wave:
  11. dwaters

    Happy B-day, HBDiveGirl!!!

    :birthday: Hope you are enjoying special dives on your special day! :balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons: :wave: :wave:
  12. dwaters

    Blue Hole, NM logistics?

    We're starting our family "road trip 2009 plans" aka: "no where near ocean diving" and I'm trying to get in a dive somewhere, somehow, please just one dear :D So bottom line is..... if I were to stop in one mid. month Sunday afternoon in May, would I be able to rent BC, tank, wieghts, find a...
  13. dwaters

    The "day after" boat dive (Friday the 28th)

    Few friends and I will be on the Spectre Friday the 28th..... any one else going to join in the get-away and get wet day? Only $ is their link: CalBoat Diving or call 805-483-6612. Hope to see some of you on the boat.
  14. dwaters

    Happy Birthday, ScubaMilo

    From a dork diver to a DIR diver, I wish your b-day is good and you got a chance to get wet!!!:balloons:
  15. dwaters

    Thursday, Sept. 18th "DWDD" dives

    Gang, noticed that our next "Ditch Work & Dive Day" is a week away next Thursday on the Peace ( Peace Dive Boat Calendar ). It's on the BC's schedule but have not heard if anyone from here is jumping on board yet. I've been looking for an excuse to dive with ya'll and on the "Peace" again...
  16. dwaters

    Finally did it!

    After 2 years 11 months, I finally got my 100th dive in!!!!:D Wish I could dive more often like some of you but I'm still happy. Did three great dives @ Casino Point to hit number 101. Did you know that it is illegal to dive nekked in Avalon? :rofl3: No I did not try...didn't want to...
  17. dwaters

    Any BCers diving Casino Point Fri/Sat???

    I'll be going over Friday afternoon thru' Sunday and two buddies that were going on Saturday just bailed... I'm sure I'll get together with divers on the "other board" but even with your (mostly friendly) banter, this is the premier dive group.... so any one coming over for the "wrinkles...
  18. dwaters

    Thursday night July 3rd @ Leo?

    I'll be camping at Leo with family starting the 3rd..... so was wondering if it's worth me hauling by gear along with the tent, tables, etc.??? I see a night dive plan on the calendar .... any one going?????
  19. dwaters

    Happy B-day, LLKZ16

    Hope you had a good birthday and have a chance to get wet!
  20. dwaters

    Anyone else 4 Cabo next Sat. the 4th?

    I'm going to Cabo for a three nite get-away and planning to drop into the local water near Cabo San Lucas for 2 dives. (My first warm water experience :D ) Anyone else going to be there and diving locally then? :confused: Planning to use Underwater Diversions. See 'ya.
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