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  1. ChrisMBC

    For Sale Ammonite Nautilus Light with 24ah Heating battery

    If someone else wants the accu, I would gladly buy just the light
  2. ChrisMBC

    Scammers hitting dive shops for fraudulent Shearwater/Garmin computer purchases

    From an organizational benefit, it would be much easier to do this as a Google Forms/Google Sheet setup, where you use a form to input data about a stolen item, and it feeds into a Google Sheet that could be programatically organized and queried. Not sure what integration would look like on the...
  3. ChrisMBC

    Gas analyzer/save a dive kit

    Yeah, I’m not sure. In fairness I haven’t seen a lot of analyzers that use a screw-in flow limiter, I’m much more used to the ones where you crack the tank valve and hold it against that.
  4. ChrisMBC

    Gas analyzer/save a dive kit

    Not sure if this counts as DIY? But got a little creative with a knockoff Pelican case I came across. Made a little save a dive kit out of a box that used to contain shrink wrap, and used 3M Dual Lock to secure it to the lid in a way where I can open it, or still remove it if I want to. In the...
  5. ChrisMBC

    Auto-drain for tanks?

    They don't blend up as a matter of practice. Yes, they're wasting O2, but hey, it's their shop. I have a 'Nitrox card' with them that gets unlimited fills for $650 CAD per year. That's exactly what I'm going to try.
  6. ChrisMBC

    Auto-drain for tanks?

    Interesting. What if I hit that from an LP port, perhaps? I could tune the IP to be well above the pressure relief valve...
  7. ChrisMBC

    Auto-drain for tanks?

    I have a nitrox card with my local shop, and they exclusively partial-pressure blend up from an empty tank. To try and be nice to the people at the shop, I try and bring my tanks in with about 150 PSI left in them, so they don't have to monitor running them down in the shop. So, what I want to...
  8. ChrisMBC

    For Sale Santi Flex 2.0 Heated Undersuit, Men's Medium

    Yours is too big, or too small?
  9. ChrisMBC

    For Sale Santi Flex 2.0 Heated Undersuit, Men's Medium

    Santi Flex 2.0, men's medium, brand-new with literally one dive on it. Turns out it doesn't quite fit me, so my loss can be your $200 discount. Selling for $600 + shipping. Located in Victoria, BC, but can ship to the US/am coming down to the US in the next few weeks, so can probably work...
  10. ChrisMBC

    For Sale Halcyon 20AH Heater/Battery Pack with EO Connector

    Hi, still for sale? Any idea how old it is?
  11. ChrisMBC

    Waterproof RCA connector?

    I'm planning on making my own battery pack for a heated undergarment, using the Light-for-me battery canister, a Scaleo heat controller, and a DIY 14.4v battery (so that I can use the Scaleo controller to supply a constant voltage to the undergarment). Where I'm running into trouble is the...
  12. ChrisMBC

    SOLD!!! Beat the price increase order

    Oh just saw all the messages. Don't have enough time today to work out the parts I need, but thanks for the reminder. I'll be better prepared next time!
  13. ChrisMBC

    Looking for canister light

    Just wondering, what battery/controller do you have?
  14. ChrisMBC

    Sense-check my heating setup

    Thank you for the info! What water temps do you dive the Flex in/for how long? When you say it's bulky, is that in comparison to other similar-weight (200g polartech) undergarments?
  15. ChrisMBC

    Sense-check my heating setup

    Thanks for the advice, it's really good to hear. For your 20aH battery, do you know what brand it is? Does it have a controller, or do you just run the vest on full power all dive?
  16. ChrisMBC

    Sense-check my heating setup

    Accu Hi all, I'm looking at diving headfirst into the world of heated undergarments, and I'm looking for a sense-check on my decisions before pulling the trigger. Some background: I dive in the PNW, mostly around Vancouver Island. Recreational dives for the time being, but I did Fundies...
  17. ChrisMBC

    Fin recommendations for an assistant instructor

    I've gone from Deep6 Eddys to Scubapro Jet Fins recently (for the added negative buoyancy). To me, it seems like they kick nearly identically -- if anything, the Eddys feel a tiny bit stiffer to me. If you liked the Jet fins but they were too negative, I'd highly recommend the Eddys
  18. ChrisMBC

    New XTAR D3600 II

    Sadly nope, actually ordered the standard-looking D36 5800s off their webstore, and got asked over whatsapp if I would prefer the new or old version!
  19. ChrisMBC

    Have you used an Air 2 in COLD water?

    I dive the PNW (Vancouver Island) year-round, with water 44-52 degrees typically. Up until we decided to go the GUE route, my buddy was using an Air2 and I was using an Atomic SS1 just fine (100+ dives).
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