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  1. Steve Barsky

    Article: Learn to "Fly" the Exosuit Underwater!

    You can view the page at!
  2. Steve Barsky

    Aquatica 18426 AF/MF MACRO PORT with extension tube & cover - No reserve!

    Check out my auction for this Aquatica Port. Auction starts at $75.00 Aquatica 18426 AF MF Macro Port with Extension Tube Cover No Reserve | eBay
  3. Steve Barsky

    Underwater Strobe/Lighting Arms for Sale

    Check out my auction on ebay for a great deal on used underwater arms, joints, and bases. Auction starts at $35.00 Underwater Strobe Arms Used TLC and Ulcs No Reserve | eBay
  4. Steve Barsky

    Used Gates PMW-EX1 Housing with Fathom SW44 Dome Port & External Monitor

    See this auction on ebay: Auction starts at $2500.00. This is a used, but not abused, Gates PMW-EX1 housing. It has led a sheltered life, solely along the west coast of the U.S. and has never known the joys...
  5. Steve Barsky

    Write a review and get a FREE Careers in Diving DVD!

    Here's the deal... We are looking for 5 people to write a review on our Careers in Diving DVD video. The program is brand new and features interviews with 17 people who have very interesting Careers in Diving. Just private message me with your address (must be in the US) and where you will...
  6. Steve Barsky

    Article: Dive dry with dr. Bill # 557: They get so crabby at night

    You can have romance with non-divers, but it usually isn't easy! But, I wish you good luck on your quest. Being married to a female marine biologist myself, I have generally found it's better when your mate shares your passions.
  7. Steve Barsky

    New DVD Video on Careers in Diving

    For those of you who may be thinking about pursuing a career in diving, we've just released a new DVD video entitled, Careers in Diving. You can read about all of the different diving careers and see several interviews in the article here on Scubaboard at ScubaBoard - Scuba Diving Forum - Diving...
  8. Steve Barsky

    Article: "Careers in Diving" - the DVD Video - Behind the Scenes

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  9. Steve Barsky

    DEMA - is it worth going?

    You will see some new things at the show, but usually not an overwhelming assortment of breakthrough products. It is worth it if you need to get training from a manufacturer on product service, or if you attend a lot of the instructor seminars/workshops. If you plan to make a career in the...
  10. Steve Barsky

    my son has a hole in his heart and wants to get his commercial diver license.

    Your son needs to consult with a diving physician who handles physical exams for commercial diving companies. The physical exam for commercial diving is much more stringent than for sport diving. Here is a link to the Association of Diving Contractor's Physical Exam form. It specifically asks...
  11. Steve Barsky

    Article: Scuba Shoulders

    Great article! How much weight do you recommend to use?
  12. Steve Barsky

    Article: Additional Presenters Slated for Santa Barbara Underwater Film Festival

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  13. Steve Barsky


    The only way to make a good decision on a dry suit is to try them. The differences in suit materials and designs can be huge depending on the type of suit you buy. DUI has demos around the country and I would suggest you attend one to try a suit. You're going to spend a lot of money for a...
  14. Steve Barsky

    Article: Underwater Film Festival in Santa Barbara, September 13-14, 2013

    Yes, it should be an outstanding show. The Arlington Theater is a fantastic venue with great sound. This is an incredible opportunity to see presentations from some of the best underwater photographers. ---------- Post added June 12th, 2013 at 03:18 PM ---------- You're welcome. Hope to see...
  15. Steve Barsky

    Article: Underwater Film Festival in Santa Barbara, September 13-14, 2013

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  16. Steve Barsky

    Post an underwater photo, get a free DVD!

    Nice video. I've been to Ginnie Springs, but only in the cavern. Not a cave guy...
  17. Steve Barsky

    Post an underwater photo, get a free DVD!

    Like us and post a picture or video of yourself underwater on the Hammerhead Press Facebook page and we'll send you any one of our DVDs for free! This offer is good through April 29, 2013. One DVD per person.
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