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    Alternative case for Peregrine? (no band disassembly)

    Have a Shearwater Peregrine, but find the included padded case ridiculous. Once you attach the wristband to it, the screws are threadlocked on, and even Shearwater mentions you shouldn't disassemble more than 5x or so because of this without re-applying more threadlock. However, the Peregrine...
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    Peregrine zippered case question

    OK, So this is a dumb question, and I assume I know the answer, but it feels a bit annoying: The zippered case that the peregrine comes with is obviously meant to fit the shearwater computer with the wrist strap not attached. After every trip am I expected to unscrew/disassemble the strap and...
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    Decision on ending trip early - ear inflammation - thoughts?

    In Roatan now with a flight departing next Saturday (9 days from now). After 6 dives, my right ear started acting up. Not sure if it was just the number of dives, or if equalization on my last dive wasn't sufficient on a quick descent down during a night dive. Saw a local clinic who gave me...
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    In Roatan now (9/7 - 9/18), anyone want to grab food/drinks?

    Traveling through Roatan and it would be cool to meet some locals or other scubaboard members. I'm in west end right now, but possibly headed to west bay in a couple of days as well. Open to food or light drinks (don't drink too much on diving trips)
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    Peregrine screen protector - preinstalled?

    Dumb question, I just bought a Peregrine from an online dive shop and it included a 'replacement screen' protector. On the new Peregrine there is a decorative cover I can peel off. However, I'm not 100% sure if there is already a protector installed underneath? I think I see a very thin...
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    Roatan updates? What is open or what limitations?

    I'm trying to find more information on Roatan / Honduras. I see that I can enter using my proof of vaccine, but am unclear on: 1. Are any restaurants or bars open? It sounded like everything is closed. I don't need bars/nightlife, but want at least restaurants open for lunch/dinner. Cocoview...
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    Best shallow wrecks near Chicago/Lake Michigan?

    I'm a recreational diver with ~ 35 dives. Have AOW and Nitrox certs. Looking to get a bit more experience, but want to do it safely. Realized that my family who lives in the south suburbs of Chicago has easy access to the Hammond marina where some charters go out of. Are there any wrecks that...
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    Risks for buying Teric on ebay (new)?

    Debating picking up a Shearwater Teric on ebay. Used ones have gone for $820, but I also see some new ones that I might be able to negotiate down $100-$150. Paypal would cover me in the event that the device fails on arrival, but I'm more concerned about what Shearwater's stance is for long...
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    Want to Buy Inexpensive Buhlman computers (deep6 excursion, Crest CR4, Atmos Mission One, Peregrine))

    Looking for a budget dive comptuer that runs Buhlman 16 algorithm. Any of these would be good: - Deep 6 Excursion - Crest CR4 - Atmos Mission One - Shearwater Peregrine Price needs to reflect a used condition :)
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    Anyone going to Roatan? Looking for dive buddies or deals

    I have a bunch of vacation time saved up, and looking to do a short 5-6 day trip to Roatan. I only like doing a couple of dives a day and relaxing. Some questions: 1. It sounds like Anthony's Key Resort is one of the better values and higher quality than Cocoview. However, their deals are for...
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    Favorite caribbean location on a budget / short trip for a beginner

    About me: ~ 35 dives, aow/nitrox, but consider myself a beginner. Looking to plan a short trip, say 5 days or so for a location to hop to, do maybe 2 dives a day, and relax with a little topside. Wants: - big sealife if possible (rays, sharks, whale sharks, etc) - wrecks could be ok - easier...
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    DC Scuba show

    Anyone going to this in February? Want to get some ideas for a new computer and trip ideas DC Dive Show | Scuba Diving and Adventure Vacation Expo Feb 22/23
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    Hiking + Diving location for ~ 2 weeks? (beginner)

    Hi guys, I have about 30 dives logged. I like diving, but don't want to spend an entire trip doing it. I have ~ 2-3 weeks that I need to burn on a trip by the end of this year. Thoughts on locations? Looking for: Easy-ish diving conditions (warm water, prefer not too deep). Lots to do on...
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    Any shops offering cheap nitrox certs in GC?

    Headed to GC in a couple of weeks for some fun dives. I'm going with turtle divers, but they wanted $180+ for a nitrox cert. I realize GC is not a cheap place, but would be open to doing a cheap nitrox cert if I found a good deal somewhere (or if they bundled it with a dive)
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    Want to Buy Shearwater perdix (AI or no AI)

    Looking for a good condition Shearwater Perdix. Open to either non-AI or AI as long as price reflects it.
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