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  1. Jim Webb

    For Sale *Price Reduced* Shearwater Perdix Dive Computer and AI Transmitter

    Hello! I recently bought a Shearwater Perdix dive computer with the AI Transmitter. I am now looking to sell it because money is tight and it is a little more complicated than I need. It is pretty much brand new. I dove with it a handful of times and I never used the elastic bands. Original...
  2. Jim Webb

    Anti-anxiety meds

    I agree with your assessment that sometimes these meds can slow motor skills and impair decision making in some cases. However I have extensive experience with them and in my case they actually aid me in the area of decision making and motor skills because they let me remain calmer and more...
  3. Jim Webb

    Anti-anxiety meds

    In my short time diving I (sometimes) (rarely) find myself a bit anxious. This passes quickly and I've never (ever) felt as though I would panic and do something stupid. I take a common anti-anxiety medicine in very small doses in everyday life but haven't done so while diving yet. Question...
  4. Jim Webb

    Hello everyone

    Hi Everyone. Relatively new diver here, got my open water via PADI last September. I try to get a few dives in every month though and keep my skills sharp. My favorite activity when diving is hunting for lobster. It keeps me focused on a task which is helpful because I do suffer from minor...
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