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    Things to look for when joining a dive club

    What would be deciding factors for you when looking for a dive club to join? I'm going to join one, and I've been looking at the overall level of activity, the frequency of both local diving and longer dive trips they do, that they generally seem interested in developing the skills of their...
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    Some thoughts for assembling my first regulator set

    I'm trying to decide which specific things to buy for my first regulator set. I will be using it for cold water diving and would prefer to get something that I'll be able to keep using once I'm no longer a beginner. I went by one of the local dive stores today and I'm not really sure what to...
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    Careless instructor or overthinking newbie

    I've been very unsure if I should make this thread or not, but I figure it might at least clarify a few things for me. I did my PADI Advanced OW course not so long ago, and it was significantly below the standard I'm used to when diving, and I don't think I really learned any of the things I was...
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    Hi all :) aspiring cold water diver from Denmark here

    Hello :) I got certified on holiday five years ago and have since then mostly done warm water holiday diving in Southeast Asia and southern Europe. Since travelling has been so difficult for the past 1½ years, I've found myself reluctantly trying out local diving and so far mostly enjoying it...
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