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    Where to dive in Bavaria (Germany)?

    People from Lindau will be offended by that statement :cool:.
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    100 meter dive injury - Lake Millstatt, Austria

    the respective passage translates as follows: When he started noticing that his condition started to deteriorate he called his girl friend. (who, btw. lives around 20km away). When the girl friend arrived, he was unconscious, so the girl friend call the ambulance.
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    100 meter dive injury - Lake Millstatt, Austria

    and more than lucky that Murnau (which is a 250km helicopter ride to another country) was back online, a week or two ago they were at 100% in their ICU, as was the next one in Traunstein.
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    Proof of vaccinations?

    may I do some friendly rubbing and add that the EU and 18 non-Eu countries have managed to agree on a common certificate:)
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    Water temperature

    November would be the border between 5mm full and dry suit for me, not for the water but for the wind
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    Water temperature

    somewhere in the range of 24 to 28 from my experience
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    Are there any dive shops in Sharm that DON’T baby its divers?

    nope, that's definately not typical. Basic rule is 60-40-30 (min-m-bar) :wink: and the usual question is "who's staying with the guide?". The 60min time limited is owed to the schedule (e.g. the time when the day boats need to be back in the harbour), but if there is no reason for a limitation...
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    German tanks in US….DOT cert

    yup, if you get 232bar fills :wink:, I calculated with 200bar which is more the norm
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    German tanks in US….DOT cert

    that would be roughly 60 cft
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    Need Help In Selecting Red Sea Liveaboard

    I do hope they do a retrofit, as the RE was in shambles in May and was no longer worth the money (despite the fact that she still is the most stable boat in rough seas and has the least engine noise of all boats that I used over the last 15 years).
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    LOB in Egypt dont have enough guides?

    Just coming back from HRG, I can confirm that they do not really care what type of vaccination you havem it just has to state "fully vaccinated" somewhere. They do not scan anything, they just look at either the printout or the screen of your smartphone :wink:. Walkthrough temperature check at...
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    Hand luggage for Red Sea

    Just back from HRG, zip ties and allen wrenches were confiscated; reels and spols were removed from hand luggage. Had some discussion about torch batteries at the entrance screening station (they insisted that the need to go into checked luggage, so I humored the guy and put them back into carry...
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    Hand luggage for Red Sea

    I would worry about the flight back from Egypt, depending on the mood and the people manning the security station.
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    Tec Livaboards

    in Egypt, Red Sea Explorers is running regular Tec trips
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    Best Gear Bag/Case for sensitive scuba & photo gear when flying to destination?

    LowePro Pro Trekker BP 350 AW II for the camera gear long out of date Aqualung Redline 400 bag for dive gear (I hate the day when I have to replace it)
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    LOB in Egypt dont have enough guides?

    You need either proof of vaccination, have are current PCR test or, if arriving directly in HRG, RMF or SSH you can do a PCR on arrival. Option 1 and 2 are recommended:D
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    Travel to Indonesia

    E.g. as there are no flights from Germany to Indonesia Singapore was one of the more convenient travel routes as there where plenty of flights with SQ or LH pre pandemic.
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    Looking for info on house reefs diving, hotels, food and best areas

    Not the bets person to ask as I usually do 2 week LOBs :) Check Makadi Bay for your first two days, the house reef is not the greatest but well suited for setup dives, then head south.
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    Looking for info on house reefs diving, hotels, food and best areas

    a note on where to stay: hwo much time do you want to spend travelling? Marsa Alam (the city, not the airport), is between 3:30h and 4h drive, Wadi Lahami is 5h. Sharm El Sheikh is on the other side of the Red Sea on the Sinai peninsula; the latest info I have is that the ferry is still not...
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    Hello from Germany

    Habe die Ehre.
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