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  1. Busdiver

    Scuba CANUSA--July 13th

    Hello all. We are getting together with our canadian diver brothers and sisters in Port Lambton, Ontario next week. Port Lambton sits on the St. Clair River separating Michigan and Canada just north of the city of Detroit. Diving the St Clair River is quite popular with one of the most popular...
  2. Busdiver

    Whitestar this Saturday

    Anyone heading down to Whitestar Saturday? Rumor is water temp is 83 degrees. Lynch is diving a 3mm. Bus
  3. Busdiver

    Quick trip to OC

    Hello everyone, I am a Michigan diver who will be in Newport for business from Wednesday to Sunday. I am hoping to shore dive Thursday after work and Friday after work. I am also hoping to hop a charter to Catalina on Saturday. I will have a business associate from Michigan with me. He is also...
  4. Busdiver

    Sanilac Preserve Weekday Dive

    I am heading out this Thursday with a group of divers to play on the Sanilac Preserve. We will be diving on the Regina and possibly another wreck. We will not be doing any deep dives (over 90 feet) on this charter. The Regina starts at 45 and goes to about 75. This will be a two tank dive. I...
  5. Busdiver

    Charles Price Dive--August 23rd--Pt. Sanilac, Lake Huron

    I am putting together a special triple dip dive in Lake Huron on Tuesday, August 23rd. We will be steaming out of Pt. Sanilac on the Great Lakes Diver with plans to double dip the Charles Price. On the way back to port we will take a third dive on a yet to be determined wreck. We are close...
  6. Busdiver

    Quarry Conditions

    Ok it is mid-March and time for us non-ice diving folks to get ready for the season. Will the find folks who head down to Whitestar, Gilboa, and Portage please let us know when the ice is gone and when diving is open. It is my understanding that Portage is closed for a few more months...
  7. Busdiver

    Looe Key/Key West next week

    Good morning, I am heading down from Michigan on the 27th. I am staying on Cudjoe Key and plan on diving Looe Key Reef. There does not seem to be an over abundance of dive ops right there. My options seem to be Looe Key resort, innerspace, and strikezone. Unless I hear different I will...
  8. Busdiver

    Looe Key--New Years

    Good morning, I am heading down for a week of relaxation, diving, and family time Dec. 27th-Jan 3. I have rented a house on Ramrod and plan on diving Looe Key numerous times. I have spent a lot of time in Key Largo and wanted to get further into the keys. So, questions. Recommended...
  9. Busdiver

    Marine City, MI dive this Saturday--Devil's Night dive

    Howdy all, Bonetweaker and I are planning on diving the St. Clair river in Marine City this upcoming Saturday. However, and this is a big however, it appears there may be rain all week which can muck up the viz in the river pretty easily. Bonecuddler sould like to dive off the dnr ramp...
  10. Busdiver

    Wreck of the Argonaut

    Sorry for the extremely late post. There will be a group of us diving the wreck of the Argonaut in the St. Clair River tomorrow morning. If you are interested please shoot an email or head on over. We are meeting at the Marysville Municipal park in Marysville, MI around 9 am. We will be...
  11. Busdiver

    Best time to come???

    Howdy, A group of us from Michigan would like to head out your way for a week of diving. When is the best time of year for diving? We are all very used to cold water and dry suits. Thanks, Bus
  12. Busdiver

    Whitestar--This morning--10/2/10

    Good morning, Heading down to Whitestar in five minutes. If anyone is looking for a buddy head on over. We should be there in about 1.5 hours. Plans are to do two dives, maybe one, who knows. Stop by the green bus and say hello. Patrick and I should have a bunch of free Third Coast Divers...
  13. Busdiver

    M&G Question

    I am just wondering why the m&g is always held at Gilboa? Why not Whitestar? Bus
  14. Busdiver

    Dunderberg Death

    Does anyone have any additional information? Bay Co. man dies in scuba accident near shipwreck | | Detroit Free Press I know this should be in the accidents section but I figured folks here would have more info.
  15. Busdiver

    Whitestar 10/10/09 Viz and Temp

    A few of us were at diving Whitestar yesterday. Temps were 65 degrees at 40 feet and Viz was over 40 feet. I did not get over to the stone crusher to get a reading. It was a perfect fall day. Wish we could have made it to Gilboa but my wife was not thrilled with me heading out to dive two...
  16. Busdiver

    Portage--Sept 5-6

    Good Morning everyone, A group of us will be camping at Portage Saturday, September 5th to the 6th. We will be doing numerous dives, bbqing and just having a nice relaxing weekend. Everyone who does not have any other exciting dive plans is welcome to join us. Have a great weekend, Bus
  17. Busdiver

    Third Coast Divers

    Hey all, A few of us created a facebook group for divers located in the Great Lakes region. The purpose of the group is not to act like a forum. Why would you do that, we all have scubaboard. The group is for divers to find local events and plan their weekends in an easy to use format (if you...
  18. Busdiver

    Bus' Whitestar Guinness Dive event on 7/18

    Yes sir, You saw it. I am holding my own event down in Whitestar on Saturday. Those folks a few miles down the road may think it is fancy to try to fit all those people into one place and call it spectacular. Now my world record attempt will consist of perfect strangers becoming the perfect...
  19. Busdiver

    IDC in Hawaii

    Aloha, I am wondering who does IDC on the islands. I do not want to train with any of our local instructors and not a big fan of the local CD. There are a lot of places in the Keys. However I do not like the attitude of most the operators down there. The meaning of customer service does not...
  20. Busdiver

    Whitestar 7/3

    Good morning, Our dive club, Third Coast Divers, will be heading down for a day of diving tomorrow. If any one wants to come swim with us please feel free to PM or just show up. We should be down there around 10 am and plan on doing about 3 dives. I will be in a black 4 door Jeep Wrangler...
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