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  1. treasurehunter

    Uv 26 conversion

    I am planning to modify my Uv 26 with the post 2007 motor using lithium ion cells and cutting down the hull so as to reduce the weight by 30ish pounds. With the 2 battery packs I will build, I will be able to remove about 9'' to 10'' of hull effectively reducing weight of scooter. If i can...
  2. treasurehunter

    Lost my stage at centeen park

    Hi all brookville divers I finished my dive at centeen park and left my yellow 40cu stage bottle on the steps. Stupid me:confused:, i put my doubles away and all my gear then had lunch at park and forgot about my stage. after a few hours i remembered about my stage,but it was gone. There were...
  3. treasurehunter

    Wisdom tank pressure problems

    I'v been diving with the wisdom for 5 years now and have been very happy with it. But lately i'v noticed it doesn't read the tank pressure properly. With a full tank before dive it is off by about 350 psi (less than actual pressure)and the same at the end of the dive it is off by 200 psi (less...
  4. treasurehunter

    neoprene dry gloves

    hi fellow members i would like to know what you think of the new so called neoprene dry gloves. i think they are more like semi dry, compared to the sealed dry gloves with ring seals. i'm sure either models have there ups and downs. can anybody give me some insight as to your experiance with...
  5. treasurehunter

    posting test

    test m qoute attachment
  6. treasurehunter

    hello new to scubaboard

    first day on, but been surfing for a while. Great site for questions and answers and sharing experiences on diving. i got into underwater photography and looking forward to posting my pics as soon as i can figure out how.:confused:
  7. treasurehunter

    name change request

    i would like to change my name to treasurehunter:huh: :coffee:
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