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    Minimalist single tank rig

    Ive never dove sidemount, nor do I have any formal training on it, but I’m attracted to the freedom of movement and do have interest in taking a course next summer. I’ve been reviewing attachment methods of popular sidemount harness/bc systems and came across this minimal 22lb bladder...
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    Advanced open water dives :)

    Did three of my AOW dives on Nitrox and two more tomorrow. First dives on my new bp/w and I’m stoked! Dialed in my weight and trim, wing bc makes it easy to be horizontal. My instructor had me run and remove a line to three points in a small, open wreck so that was a fun bonus. Things are...
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    Dive boat etiquette and buoyancy check

    I’ve been diving my new gear in freshwater and plan to do a boat dive in Fort Lauderdale in a couple months. All my previous diving has been in saltwater with rental gear on boats and I would purposely overweight but now I’m more concerned with buoyancy and trim. My question: is it okay to ask...
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    Play in spg connection

    I just bought by first set of gear. One thing I noticed is the spg has a bit of side to side play when attached to the high pressure hose. The attachment point is on a swivel. Is it normal for this to have some play? I haven’t pressurized it yet but that’s my next step. The swivel also...
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    Hello from the blue ridge mountains

    I got my OW in 2011 and have accumulated 12 dives total! The technical aspects of diving and the marine biosphere have always intrigued me but other priorities limited my diving to vacation only. Also, having a 2 year old has reinvigorated the importance of safety as I continue to learn more...
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