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    Sailboat gets in the way of Great Lakes freighter

    I can see this happing, I wish there was a little more vidio at the start to see where/what the sail boat came from or was doing. It looks like the sail boat was dead in the water at the start, did he just come out of a tack thinking he would be able to clear the tanker that had not started his...
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    Aldora Divers port closure survey

    It not unusual when a port get a new port Captain in Mexico, for them to to show that there a new sheriff in town. A port Captain on the west coast stopped all gringos from working on their boats, including oil changes. it lasted about a month, but everybody learn that the new port Captain was...
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    Follow up questions for woodworkers

    If the wood is in good shape just do the 220 grit, only use the low grit if you have marks/damage in the wood. I am a believer in more power so the palm sander works for me but hand sanding is OK.
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    If you could live in Mexico for a few months...

    We have done both coasts. For 2 months with some diving I would do Yucatan. We did 3 weeks (not enough time) ( see trip report). I would base at Playa del Carmen, (if I was going to dive less 50% of the time) or close by(south) if wanting something smaller. If more diving then Cozumel. Taxi...
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    I tested positive for covid

    I have not read all the post, but here what I would do for CV19. Also I am not a fan of going to Doctors Question to self, Do I think I am OK. if yes then I do an easy dive and check my air use. If it OK then I would dive without worry. I do not know what effect steroid have for this question.
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    Hookah from an anchored boat... Hookah from a float-based device... Hoo can share their experience?

    I was using an octopump, It was made by a one man shop with A GC 160cc Honda motor. He was located in the mid west. I just looked and it is no longer on the net. He use a release valve to control pressure. I still have it, was going to turn it into a air tool driver. have not run it for 6 years.
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    Hookah from an anchored boat... Hookah from a float-based device... Hoo can share their experience?

    I love the idea of a fill compressor also but most small units take time to fill a tank. The last thing I wanted is to listen to a gas motor running all day. Living on a boat most of the time we were snorkeling. We were doing Sea Cortez and south for 6 months at a time in a 37 foot sailboat...
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    Hookah from an anchored boat... Hookah from a float-based device... Hoo can share their experience?

    I would go with the two 100 foot hose( or four 50' ) but be sure you can connect them for a 200 foot hose if you ever need it.
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    Hookah from an anchored boat... Hookah from a float-based device... Hoo can share their experience?

    We had a 37 foot sail boat. Tried the float but did not like it, just seem to get to much salt water on the unit. We ended up finding a way to mount it in the 10 foot inflatable dink 10hp outboard and we would pull the dink around so when we came up, the dink would be there. Being in the dink we...
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    Safety? Bare Feet or Dive Boots on Liveaboard Decks?

    I like bare feet but dam it hurts went I stub my toes on something, and boat have a lot of somethings sticking up to help you out. Good old pair of dock sider are almost as good as bare feet. Also look out for sunburn on the top of feet.
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    Flying @ 1500 ft after shallow dives

    I guess what I was thinking is that if I am diving at 2000 ft I could return to 2000 ft without getting bent. I guess it makes a different since I am start at 0 ft even if the computer is set for 2000 ft??? so have to wait 4:28 hours. Thanks
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    Flying @ 1500 ft after shallow dives

    Could you not just set your computer to diving at 2000 ft and not go into dec.and then you would be able to fly right out of the water?
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    Long term car rental

    Just be aware that your USA insurance does not work in mexico, if you are in an accident, you will be taken to the police station and will be there until you can prove that you can cover the cost of repair. Mexico insurance is one way to do that and a get out of jail free card. We make...
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    Latest Morning Dive Trip - Maximize Number of Dives in Cozumel

    how about a night dive that first day
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    Possible southern reef closure

    If I remember right 99.9% of all species that have lived on this blue ball have vanish. Do I care? I do not think it matters one way of another. As long as one species thinks it can keep having babies and this blue ball will be OK, if we use the right sunscreen and paper straws. We are living in...
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    Possible southern reef closure

    For 60 years, I have been told I need to do this and do that so we can put more people on this blue ball. I think the blue ball is going to take care of itself.
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    What's your favorite CAD software?

    I do not know about On Shape. I have a home made CNC, and a Ender 3 3d printer I had a copy of 2005 solidworks that I was using, but when I found Fusion 360 had CAM in it, (no need for CamBam) I crossed over from solidworks, ( I think newer version of solidworks has CAM but it cost a lot. ) I...
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    What's your favorite CAD software?

    I use Autocad Fusion 360. It is free for hobbyist, it does cam also. learning curve maybe a bit steep but lot of videos.
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    Death of my Son, I need some help

    What the Chairman said. plus my mom die when I was 16, I found even if she was dead I could still talk to her, I knew what she would say, that and time helps a little. Stay busy.
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