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  1. jlovold

    Rebreather-friendly dive-center in Palawan?

    Hi! We are thinking about going to the Philippines for a few weeks in the end of March-beginning of April. We plan to go to Puerto Galera, Malapasqua and Palawan (el Nido or Puerto Princesa), and I need a dive-center that can supply sorb, O2 and tanks for my Pelagian CCR, that is also...
  2. jlovold

    Whites Fusion In Norway/Scandinavia?

    Hi! I am very intrigued by the Whites Fusion Sport, and thinking seriously of getting one set... Unfortunately, the only suits I have seen in the Nordic countries cost 16795skr=2041USD= Not a chance! I have seen them for sale in Britain at a much lower price, but they donŽ´t export...
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