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  1. downdeep

    Trip Report: Triangle Divers & Grotto Bay Resort

    After a false start due to Hurricane Bill, we finally made the crossing to Bermuda last Saturday. I am delighted to say that we had a lovely time, made some great new friends and will certainly be returning to dive with Triangle Divers. Bermuda is a small, pricey island, just 22 miles long and...
  2. downdeep

    How are you holding up?

    Are you getting some storm surge? Just wondering what conditions are like for you chaps. Stay out of the winds and good luck. I'll see yall next week.
  3. downdeep

    I'm screwed.....

    Looks like my dive vacation to Bermuda may be in trouble due to Mr. Bill. We're supposed to leave this Saturday. So I need everyone to hold hands and pray to Neptune for a miracle so that I'll be able to make this trip. I'll be so disappointed if I have to reschedule. :shakehead:
  4. downdeep

    Will be in Bonaire Jan 19-26. Anyone else?

    This will be our second trip. Can't wait cause I have a new camera. Anyone else going to be there at that time?
  5. downdeep

    I now pronounce you plantiff and defendant.

    So one of our dive buddies is getting married. At least his betrothed also dives. So what's a good dive-related wedding gift? :confused:
  6. downdeep

    Blue Clear Divers - what the #@%$

    This is not my dive shop, but I happened to be in the area. It's locked up and cleaned out. What happened to Bobby?
  7. downdeep

    Hey dr bill.

    Did I just see you on the weather channel?
  8. downdeep

    Anyone going to Philly Quarry this weekend?

    I plan to be there on Sunday helping out my instructor. I have a new camera housing I want to pressure test as well. Anybody else for an afternoon dip?
  9. downdeep

    Blew out my Proton V-42. Why????

    The reg is just over a year old. I had it serviced a month before I went to the Keys. Did a test run in the quarry at 60 ft. All OK. Got 8 dives off of it in Key Largo. There is a disc on the bottom of the first stage with two round plugs inset. One of those blew out when I turned on my...
  10. downdeep

    Gear Report - Mares Proton V-42

    Tried out my new Proton V-42 at the quarry last weekend. We were practicing rescue scenarios with student divers. Cold, deep, upside down, sideways and on my head, the V-42 performed exceptionally well. Extremely light to carry on the surface. And the all metal mesh oversized purge has a...
  11. downdeep

    Where's Cosmo?

    Anyone know if Cosmo is still hanging out on Bloody Bay Wall? I have great video of my husband scratching him under the chin. Just wondering.
  12. downdeep

    Dive vacation. Old haunts or new seascapes????

    When you take a dive vacation do you find yourself visiting the same places year after year or do you consistently seek out new destinations? Just curious.
  13. downdeep

    What's it like to live on an island?

    For those of you employed in the dive industry who do, or have in the past, lived and worked on an island - what's day to day life really like. Tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  14. downdeep

    Ordered the DIR-F manual

    Thought it was time that I find out what it's all about. OMG, it makes so much sense! I can see huge expenditures and more classes looming on the horizon. What flavor is that Kool-Aid anyway?
  15. downdeep

    Servicing an Atomic B-2

    I am considering replacing my old Dacor Viper Tec with a B-2. I have rebuilt my Viper several times (which has saved a few dive trips for me in remote locations). How difficult is an Atomic to service? Of course, I will take an equipment class and have a LDS perform the biannuals but I want...
  16. downdeep

    Herding Cats

    Just did my first open water teaching assist as divemaster candidate along with my Instructor and another divemaster this weekend. We had 11 open water and 3 advanced students. Ten training dives in 2 days. WHEW. Everybody completed the required skills and got their temp cards. I feel like...
  17. downdeep

    Anyone going to Brac next week (7-30)??

    My husband and I will be at Divi on Saturday. Would love to have a drink with you. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I'm diving the Brac.
  18. downdeep

    Alternative tipping

    or perhaps I should say additional gratuities. When we go to the islands we try to email the resort/dive shop staff to find out if there is anything (within reason) that we can bring them from the states - things that may not be readily available for them. Usually things like recent release...
  19. downdeep

    Equipment swap

    I am currently in DM class and have an equipment swap coming up. My buddy and I think it would be easier to start by wearing each other's gear and then swapping into our own. We have wrestled with several other ideas and have come to one conclusion. We love to wrestle. Anyone else have any...
  20. downdeep

    Who has been to Brac?

    I did the Tibbetts from the Aggressor a couple of years ago and had a great time. Thought I'd like to see the rest of the island. Any feedback on resorts and dive operations would be appreciated. I like those "off the beaten path" type of places.
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