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    Need to choose

    I need to choose between the Cayman Aggressor and the Turks and Caicos Aggressor for a spring trip what are the highlights of each ?
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    Tough choice

    I have to choose between a week on the Cayman Aggressor or the Turks and Caicos Aggressor, what do you think ? The Kittiwake and direct flights from DFW ( starting in April ) make the Cayman sound good.
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    Helium shortage and Walmart

    I just saw where Walmart has a balloon kit that comes with a 9 cu ft tank of helium, that could be a lot of helium.
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    Another O2 cleaning question

    It was time for a hydro test on my 2 steel 108's the LDS had them for months (excuse was they are so big and heavy ) I finally started looking around for a place to get it done myself. I found a place that did the hydro test for nearly everybody in town then I found a place that serviced medical...
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    CSSP Saturday 7/28

    I expect to be one of the first in line Saturday morning at CSSP hope to be set up across from the fill station, driving a Black 4X4 Suburban come by and say hi or hang out with us.
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    VIZ is great at CSSP

    The viz is the best I have seen in a couple of years i could clearly see the training platform from the surface temp in the high 80's
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    Best rescue is no rescue

    My wife did not want to dive the Blue Hole in Belize so I decided I would keep a close eye on a diver that had just got certified 4 days before. We got down to about 120' when he started messing with his camera, he was vertical and steadily finning but still sinking, I swam over in front of him...
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    What's on Santa Rosa wall?

    Considering it's reputation what is the compelling reason to dive there?
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    Renting a CO Analyzer

    Well I just went ahead and rented a CO analyzer from Outdoor Equipment Rentals for our trip next month hope we didn't need it, but now we will know for sure. Better safe than sorry or dead!
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    CO testing Belize III

    Does the Belize Aggressor III test for CO ?
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    Fun Dive Day at CSSP

    Tomorrow June 5th is the NTSRA Fun Dive Day at Clear Springs Scuba Park.
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    Go Pro first time

    I used my Go Pro for the first time UW last week. I used the cheststrap and it turned out very good with the exception of a pesky BC strap that kept getting in the way. I took video the whole time thinking it was going to be easy to edit. After hours of reading these forums and the Go Pro...
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    fresh water lakes

    Is there any connection with atmospheric pressure and viz and what about a lake "turning over" I have heard this for years what is it or what causes it or does it even exist?
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    maybe a new wetsuit

    I have a shorty and a 7MM thinking about a 3MM. Looking at a 4th element explorer, anybody have the scoop on these?
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    cruise ship divers

    We are on a cruise to Hawaii and diving is not offered onboard the ship. We arrive at Hilo on 3/21 at 8:00 AM, Honolulu 3/22 at 7:00AM, Kauai (Nowilliwilli) 8:00 AM and Maui (Lahaina) at 7:00 AM. Would like to get some diving in, open to suggestions, we will of course be at the pier where the...
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    16th annual Lake Travis Underwater Cleanup

    The 16th Annual Lake Travis Underwater Cleanup is Sunday September 12th we will be participating at the dam and the post dive party at Carlos n Charlies. We will be diving off the Giant Stride dive boat Saturday September 11th there is room available so far you can check "Clearspring Divers"...
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    Greetings from Texas

    Greetings, I have been certified just barely a year but have been busy diving and learning, will have my dive master card soon. My best dive trip has been diving with the sharks in Tahiti and the Society Islands in French Polynesia. This weekend will be helping to clean up trash off the bottom...
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