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    Hawaii Big Island Update May '21

    I just got back from the big island yesterday and boy was it nice to travel and get back in the water again. My last trip was to the Philippines in dec of 2019. All in all, it was a great trip. The pre trip covid test was a pita and we weren't sure we'd actually get allowed in. In the end...
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    Awesome Photos

    I just stumbled on this and thought I would share. Winners of the 2020 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest
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    Cebu Philippines- Where to go and weather in Nov-Dec

    I just booked a cheap flight to Cebu last minute and I now just need to figure out where to go once I land. I'll be traveling Nov20-dec7 on advice from somewhere I read that that time of year is dry season. I may have been mistaken that that is the case and just want to check on here on local...
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    Airlines to Sorong

    I am trying to plan a last minute RA trip in November/december. Which airlines go to Sorong and which city would be best to get there from? Jakarta or Denpasar? Or is it possible to get there from another Asian capital? I looked on Garuda's site and the site was either broken/or they don't fly...
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    Watamula dive op

    I'll be on Curacao next week and I want to do the Watamula dive. What operators do you suggest? Bonus if they can pick me up at my accommodation so I don't have to rent a car.
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    Malaysia vs Bali

    I am trying to decide between the two places. I am a new diver and only have about 20 dives. I have young kids so diving not a pure focus if the trip but I would like to get some in. I would also like some decent snorkeling from the beach. The two options are Bali-Gili and possibly Komodo. Or...
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    Indonesia (bali etc.) in April or November

    I am wanting to go to Indonesia in either of these two months. I've read varying reports on the weather in those months but I am wondering if in April, since it is right after the rainy season, would the visibility still be an issue. Places I am thinking of are Bali-Gili-Lombok and one more...
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    Random non diving questions about Aruba.

    I'm currently on curaçao and I'll be heading to Aruba next week. Most of the food on curaçao is from holland and they have some great stuff there I want to get some to bring home but I don't want to buy incur if they also have in Aruba. Last time I ended on Bonaire and figured that they would...
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    Dive buddy for Aruba Xmas week.

    Hi, I am going to be in Aruba from the 19th of dec. for a family holiday. All non divers I am looking for anyone else in the same boat. Or some general Aruba advice since i don't know much about it. Thanks.
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    Curaçao dive buddy mid dec

    Hi, I'm currently in curaçao and just got my padi open water. I am looking to team up with some other divers now that I'm certified My family doesn't dive so I am on my own. If anyone needs a buddy let me know thanks. I'll be here until the 19th of dec.
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    Curaçao and Aruba

    Hi, I'm a new diver and I am in curaçao and Aruba for the next couple of weeks. If anyone is looking for a dive buddy until Xmas let me know.
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