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    CO testing report - ScubaFun, Bayahibe DR - all zeros!

    we rented one last year also for our trip
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    Strong currents, if swept away, what to do?

    Last year my wife and I both had a SMB, signal mirror,strobe and an air horn just in case, better safe than sorry.
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    Texas Dive Show in Arlington

    Will be there Saturday
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    Help Please! Planning 1st Dive Trip to Belize

    We spent a week on the Belize Aggressor III last year typical day is wake up have breakfast go diving, have a morning snack then go diving, have lunch then go diving, have afternoon snack go diving, have supper then do a night dive, sleep wake up and repeat.
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    Belize, port of call

    My advice is to quit wasting your money on cruise ships, if you are a diver, and spend a week on the Belize Aggressor III. We had thought about retiring to Belize until we saw Belize City.
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    OW check out dives- best location

    Clear Springs or Athens unless you want to drive to Balmorhea which is very nice.
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    Quarter turns

    I do it because that is what I was taught. I don't think there is any mechanical reason for doing it but the last thing I do before a student gets in the water is check his valve if it does not easily move is it firmly closed or firmly open?
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    Texas divers - your thoughts?

    Don't forget Clearsprings Scuba Park just east of Terrell off highway 80
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    I have a completely off the wall thing to ask...

    Sometimes my right foot feels like there is a heavy bass speaker near by I have even picked up my foot to see if it was coming from the floor, weird.
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    Tough choice

    Thanks for the advice, this trip is a Christmas present so I am going to stick with the Aggressor. We were given a trip last year on the Belize Aggressor III and really enjoyed it we even had the master cabin which is above deck behind the wheelhouse which was very nice.
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    Need to choose

    Thanks for the trip report ! diversteve
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    Need to choose

    This trip is a Christmas gift for us so I am going to stick with it, thanks for the info on the crossing to Little Cayman. We spent a week on the Belize Aggressor III last year and it was great. The Kittiwake seems a plus for the Cayman Aggressor and direct flights from DFW.
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    Need to choose

    I need to choose between the Cayman Aggressor and the Turks and Caicos Aggressor for a spring trip what are the highlights of each ?
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    Tough choice

    I have to choose between a week on the Cayman Aggressor or the Turks and Caicos Aggressor, what do you think ? The Kittiwake and direct flights from DFW ( starting in April ) make the Cayman sound good.
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    Comal River

    I use a few drops of baby shampoo in a squirt bottle filled with water
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    Uncomfortable on the surface

    I take two ankle weights and slide them down to the bottom of the tank before I put the regulator on works fine for me.
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    This looks like fun...

    Wow !!!
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    Aquarena update, anyone?

    It is hard to even say something nice on scubaboard without someone correcting you.
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    Aquarena update, anyone?

    I would have certainly lived by it if I had the chance, it is beautiful there.
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    Please help my wife find a westuit

    Look into Fourth Element wetsuits
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