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    SOLD!!! Shearwater Perdix (non-AI)

    Excellent condition Shearwater Perdix (non-AI) Price US$630 + shipping (C$800) Includes: - Shearwater Perdix Dive Computer - Semi-hard Case - Bungee Cord - Buckle Strep - Number of Dives = 55 - 45 hours of bottom time - I am located in Canada so I would prefer to sell to Canadian as PayPal...
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    SOLD!!! Oceanic VT4 Dive Computer 2 sets (optional transmitter)

    I have 2 sets of Oceanic VT4 wrist dive computer for sale. Very rugged and reliable, these dive computers are perfect for beginner and advanced divers alike with advanced features at a great value. Batteries are very easy to change and comes with the battery change tool Data cable allows you...
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    SEA in mid to late August

    Hi, To celebrate my daughter's high school graduation, I am planning on taking her to China for 5-6 weeks in the summer, I figure we should do some diving in mid to late August before we head back to Canada and she goes to university. We did Scuba Junkie Komodo last July and it was amazing...
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    Want to Buy Shearwater Petrel 1 or 2

    As title said. Looking for used Shearwater Petrel 1 or 2, If you have 2 for sale, I will get both. please PM with price, condition, pictures please, thanks
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    Scuba Junkie Komodo and Scuba Junkie Sangalaki in July

    Hi, I have never been to nor dive in SEA and am looking for a reasonable priced dive vacation with my kids (17 & 19). Read some good review on Scuba Junkie Komodo (nothing for Sangalaki) and their price seems very reasonable. Is July a good time to go diving in either of these location (what...
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    Want to Buy Backscatter Flip3+ Or 4 For Gopro 4

    Looking for the Flip with red filter and/or macro lens, thanks
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    Liveaboard in July/August

    Looking into doing a liveaboard dive trip with the family in the summer. I am just starting to research the Maldives and I am looking for any information/recommandation of 7-10 days liveaboard. My main goal is to see the big stuff, whale shark, mantas, etc as I understand this is the place to...
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    Oceanic Geo 2 data cable

    If you have one not being used, make me a reasonable offer, thanks
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    StingRay Dive or Snorkel?

    Hi, We will be staying over at SMB for a couple of days after a week in LCBR and I would like to do a StingRay ??? with my kids. I understand you can either snorkel at the SandBar (around $45-$50, 4ft of water) or do a dive at StingRay City ($80, 15 ft of water). Is there any major...
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    Reef House Resort review - Aug 2nd - Aug 11th

    This is my first review so please be gentle with your comments:). It is a little long but I hope I have provided enough information for those who are thinking about going there. Personally, I would not hesitate to recommend this place for a dive vacation as long as you know some of the limits...
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    Looking for 2014 review of Reef House Resort (RHR)

    Been trying to find new review of RHR, most if not all the reviews are from 2010-2012 and I found a couple from 2013. I understand there is a change of management and there are a few -ve review in Trip Advisor in 2014. Just want to find out if it is still as nice a location for relax diving as...
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    WTB: Data cable for Oceanic Geo 2

    As title said, Please reply to, thanks
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    How to turn on Oceanic Geo 2.0

    Hi, I bought an Oceanic Geo 2.0 a little while ago and I remember there is a document describing how to 'turn on' the dive computer. I can't find that document anymore, I remember it is some type of button press but not which one, can anyone help?
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    Walking distance between Iberostar, Allegro and Occidental

    Hi, Just wondering the walking distance between the 3 southern resorts (time to walk between these resorts on the beach). I can see that they are next to each other but can't judge the distance from the map, thanks
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    Dive op at Allegro

    Hi, Does anyone know who is the dive op at Allegro and if you have contact info for them? Thanks Dan,
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    Oceanic Veo 180 data cable

    Hi, I am looking for an Oceanic Veo 180 data cable for uploading dive data to a pc. If you have one, please PM me, thanks Dan,
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