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    Jet ski scuba diving

    What is the best way to set up a jet ski for scuba diving ? I was given two jet skis , would like to set them up for a dive trip to the keys . Just wondering if other people are diving from jet skis and how they are doing it . How to tying down the dive gear to the ski . Where to dive in the...
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    housing service

    Hi I would like to service my dx200 housing . Where can I have it serviced or can I do the service myself ? What is the coast of the service ? how long dose it take ? Thanks for any info
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    what happen to Sea Lab in snellville Ga ?

    I was driving past Sea Lab and the store was not there . What happen to Sea Lab? Has the store moved or is it gone for good ?
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    how to install a Vivid Leak Sentinel V4 in a dx d200 housing ?

    Good day everyone I just got back from a great three day trip to west palm beach Florida . On my last dive I flooded my housing a sea and sea dx d200 . I did not put the housing together wrong . I sent off for a Vivid Leak Sentinel V4 vacuum system and am looking for someone to guide me thru the...
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    housing trim

    hello all I just bought a used sea and sea nx d200 housing with a dome port . the housing is floating dome up , and it is hard to take pics with . is there a way to trim the housing to float level or dome facing down to help with framing a good pic? do I add weight to the bottom or add floats...
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    what lens what lens

    What lens to use for a dive on the Oriskany . Should I use the Nikon 10.5mm or a Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 or a Nikon 10-24mm ? To many to choose from . I need to buy a lens and they are about the same price . What to get , the decision is weighing heavy on me I need your help .
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    Ttl Converter 250 N

    hi first time posting here . My question is can I use a sea and sea ttl converter 250 n with a ys120 and ys90 duo at the same time and still have ttl . I am using a dx d200 housing . thanks for any help you can offer .
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    Replacement Monitor back

    Hi all Looking for a light motion monitor back for the mako housing I need a replacement . thanks for any help you can give
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    Mares bc weight pockets

    Hi everyone , Ok can everyone go to there scuba closet and look in the bottom for a mares weight pocket with vecro, not the MRS pockets . My son lost one pocket diving .. It looks like the attched pic . Paying top dollar for one .(you get only the top dollar off the stack) Ha Ha
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    weight pockets

    Hi My son lost my weight pockets for my mares vector ambra . I know it is old but I like this bc so much, it is my favorite one . Do you know where I can find a replacement.
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    New Camrecorder

    Hi I need to get a new camrecorder for my sony marine pack housing. It would be nice if it is a sony but other brands are ok.The one thing it has to have is LANC control. The housing will only work with this type of control. I know it is old but it works well and beside new housing cost to much...
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