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    AL40 for redundancy diving single tank on deeper dives.

    What's wrong with a short rubber HP hose Macan? The thin HP hoses feel like they might get tweaked or shocked when you bend them tight and pressurize them to me. It's probably just in my head though...maybe I'm a little "old school" when it comes to HP hoses. I do have a longer one on my main...
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    Original Factory Tank Decal - Worthington HP's

    Thanks! Every time they have been VIP’d, the inspectors over the years have left the decals on for some reason. I’m definitely going to scrap them off now!!!
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    Original Factory Tank Decal - Worthington HP's

    I love my HP steel Worthington tanks and want to keep them in pristine condition in order for them to last a long time. All my tanks still have the green and white “do not remove” factory decals on them. I would like to remove them so that corrosion cannot occur underneath the decals...
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    How much air to surface with?

    FYI-Stuart If you go out on charter boats enough you will hear a similar briefing to this almost every time. This is where the life preservers are and sometimes we have a float off life raft We have an O2 kit on board Don’t put anything in the toilet that didn’t go through you first Puke...
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    Why the dislike of air integrated computers?

    I used one (Oceanic VT4) for about a year, but gave it to my daughter after she got open water certified. To be honest, I kind of used her getting certified and needing gear as an excuse to buy myself a new regulator and eventually a new Petrel computer. The transmitter looked vulnerable as a...
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    switching out dive rite elbow to NON pull dump?

    I have the same Voyager wing (without a pull dump) on a Transpac, and agree that it is a little wide. It is probably better suited for 8” single tanks on a plate with a STA that pushes the tank out further in my opinion. Be careful reattaching the elbow if you swap it out...
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    Handing Off a Pony Bottle

    I’ve wondered about this same scenario myself in the past. There’s a lot to factor in besides just a panicked out of air diver. Their BC may have chintzy (and brittle) little plastic D-rings that might be hard to attach your bottle to, and they may not know how to handle a...
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    Faber HP71 experience?

    Anybody ever use or own one of the Faber high pressure 71 tanks? I’m looking to add to my personal tank inventory a lightweight (and not too short tank) that I won’t have to wear a bunch more weight on my rig. I currently own Worthington HP100s and HP120s, and just want to acquire a single...
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    transfill hose question

    So would this work? 1) Drip simple green through the unit from one end to the other 2) Blow it out with pressurized air from a tank 3) Run water through it and blow it out a second time? If the transfill unit has a gauge, will simple green harm it? Thanks
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    transfill hose question

    I’m thinking about buying a transfill/equalizer hose and noticed that none seem to be O2 clean out of the box. I merely would like one to equalize tanks on a private boat. I’m not planning on doing any blending, but I am worried that the transfill hose may taint my O2 clean tanks that are...
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    Solo Technical Why?

    Perhaps the forum moderator should add a self-reliant section to the advanced section and leave the solo section under tech in the forum. I wonder which would get more activity??? FYI - I did my SDI solo class a year after my Trimix class mainly to avoid insta-buddies and satisfy a few...
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    Wearing a mask on forehead a distress signal, now that seems ridiculous!

    I was floating in the shallow (<15’) end of a rock quarry in KY last year and talking to my daughter after one dive with my mask on my forehead, and an OW diver with a hand full of dives asked me if I was in distress. I laughed and told him that I was OK, and that I normally don’t do that in...
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    AL 40 Stage Bottle leaks when under water. Pressure drops

    You should try this as an experiment to put things in perspective. Pressurize your stage bottle and shut off the valve on the surface. Then try to take the smallest shot of air out of the regulator you possibly can. I&#8217;d be curious to find out what the pressure gauge is now reading...
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    Padi Self reliant diver course

    I did it through SDI just because it says &#8220;Solo Diver&#8221;. Even with the card, many operators will not let you dive solo, and the operators that do allow solo diving may not let you to do it if you have never gone out with them before.
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    Tipping the DM

    I usually tip the “DM / Deckhand” $10 a trip for most of my two tank dives on larger boats. I don’t usually go on “guided” dives, so the Divemaster on most of my trips usually ties off the boat if it’s a wreck dive, and I may hand him/her my fins before climbing back up the ladder on each tank...
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    which type of SMB do you use?

    Have you ever considered making a larger version of that SMB Tobin? A six footer would be awesome in my opinion, and it wouldn’t take too much air to fill since it is tapered. My 3.3 Halcyon is my “always carry” SMB, and I also carry it as a backup in case I ever have to let my DR 5’ go from...
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    which type of SMB do you use?

    I often carry two SMBs. A Halcyon 3.3’ attached to a small finger spool in a pocket on my waist, and a 5’ Dive Rite stowed in a sleeve attached to the bottom of my Transpac. I fill the Halcyon orally, and the Dive Rite off my left exhaust tee using a quick exhale breath or two from depth...
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    Best Dive Operators in Key Largo

    Ocean Divers is my favorite operator down there so far. I usually stay in the hotel next door, and love the regular trips to the Spiegel and Duane. I have also gone out with Rainbow Reef, Florida Keys Dive Center, and Horizon in Key Largo. If you need helium and are certified to go deep, then...
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    Fill Express...

    Pompano Dive Center is a great operation that also runs a couple boats as well. I really liked Fill Express and hated to see them go. DDA is a great guy and will still be teaching in his spare time! BTW &#8211; I got a couple Nitrox fills at Divers Direct in WPB without having the goofy...
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    High pressure or low pressure tank

    I love my 100s and they are my main &#8220;go to&#8221; tanks when I am able to dive with my own tanks. I think one reason they seem a little short to me is the fact that the majority of my dives are actually with aluminum 80s. This is due to me usually flying to the diving destinations and...
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