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    Hive mind help please.

    Hi Looking for suggestions from all you knowledgeable SB folks... Timeframe - a one week trip in the first half of August Traveling from - Albuquerque NM. Experience - PADI rescue divers, I have 125 (?) dives, wife has about half that. Interests - all of it really. Not cave or wreck...
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    Travel from US

    Apologies if there is a thread for this already - I had a quick scan but am pressed for time at work. WHo has travelled to COZ (or other Mexico venues) from the US recently? How was it? What are the best resources for checking current entry and return requirements? TIA Nick
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    Scuba Club Alternatives

    Hi all My wife and I are looking forward to getting back in the ocean after all the disappointments of the last year. Due to childcare though, we won't be able to travel together. Instead we are planning on making a couple of trips and covering for each other. The first place that sprang to...
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    Pensacola, what would you do?

    Got 10 days off work in November. Driving down from NM with a rough idea of aiming for Pensacola. 2 days out, 2 days back leaves us 6 days for play. So, what would you do? Spend the whole time in Pensacola? If so, any specific recommends? Or just take a couple of days there before pushing...
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    Hey :) Been vacation diving on and off since 2003 but just recently getting a little more serious - bought kit for myself and the wife last year and did rescue diver. Have aspirations to reach DM or above, mostly for personal development and as a possible side gig, but not a career. Have dived...
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