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    For Sale Amsteel Blue handmade items

    HI everyone,, Just wanted to spread my craft of Amsteel Blue handmade items to the community. I started working with 7/64 diameter for my hammock setup and decided to sell on etsy and ebay. I just got into selling market as a hobby. I enjoy making them and even more when users enjoy them! I...
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    Sherwood Oasis 2 kits

    Scored a bundle of excellent condition scuba gear for $10! The regulator is a sherwood oasis 2 first and second stage with a sherwood shadow plus with a oceanic spg, compass, datamax sport console. How is this reg? Do they still make service kits for them? What kit is it? Also looking to...
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    Want to Buy Wrist strap for Oceanic Datamax Sport

    Looking for a wrist strap for a Oceanic Datamax Sport.
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    SOLD!!! ScubaPro J Valves

    I have 2 scubapro J valves. Went through it, cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner. Did not replace o rings. I bought an o ring kit and believe I have those sizes. Will include them for you to change, or I can change. $30 each? Best offer? Both are identical, great shape. Shiney like a mirror...
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    Apeks XTX200 - baffling noise when breathing

    The new Apeks XTX200 that I bought on eBay new, manufactured in June 2018 makes a baffle noise and vibration when I exhale. Noise as if Im playing a single note on saxophone or air instrument. It occurs when the exhale is slow and less pressure. Also happens during inhale. This does not...
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    spot treating bubbling paint

    anyone ever spot treat bubbling paint tank? Sand the bubble out then paint it? My friends dad applies clear shields onto car bumpers, hoods, etc. I'd probably apply that over the paint for extra protection. It's called 3M venture shield. What type of paint would you use? What do you think?
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    Which Pro valve to buy?

    I am looking to buy a pro valve for my pony tank but not sure which one to buy. I guess the availability/cost of rebuild kit would be a big factor. What do you guys recommend? Edit: looks like Thermo 3442 standalone valve should be good? I see DGX and leisurepro stocking the kits as well
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    Want to Buy Harlow Vance's "Scuba Regulator Maintenance and Repair"

    Looking to buy Harlow Vance's "Scuba Regulator Maintenance and Repair" Thanks
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    Aqualung Titan and Suunto Vyper Computer - $50 - should I buy it??

    This seems like a heck of a deal. looks to be an older model Titan, but still, for $50? What are your thoughts? It was posted 1 day ago.
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    Used Poseidon 1st + 2nd for $100? (for pony bottle)

    Hi, I am looking to get a 19 cu ft pony bottle and a regulator for it. I see a used Poseidon for $100. They had a 1st, 2nd + octo that sold for $150. This was listed a year ago for $150 but never sold. 3 weeks ago listed again for $100. Poseidon seems to have a great reputation. I did read one...
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    Second VIP test after Hydro test?

    WHen I dropped my tank off at a hydro test facility, they asked where I will be filling it and said I'd need a VIP inspection from them after? Research on the board says that the hydro test does the VIP, so why would they say I need it? Should I ask for a VIP sticker from them? EDIT did some...
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    Pro Tank Pac - cylinder carry holster

    Anyone have any information about the Pro Tank Pacs by Pro Dive Technology Inc. from Florida? They have a lifetime warranty on them but I cant find any info on these holders. I have 2 now.
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    Eezycut flexi pouch - how is the pouch?

    Which pouch do people prefer? Is the flexi not as rigid? Where do you mount yours?
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    Average lifespan of aluminum cylinder

    There are 2 cylinders for sale that are brand new, never been in water, filled, 18 years from purchase. I've been reading the average lifespan of an aluminum cylinder is 20 years. How true is this? What about hydro testing and failing? What about passing but shops not filling anything over xx...
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    Compass - $20(aliexpress) vs $40 vs $80 (made in italy)

    Im looking at compasses and noticed that DGX sells the $40 and it says Italy on it. I do an amazon search on some compasses and also see made in Italy. Those are around $80 as well. I look on Aliexpress and they have a $20 one. 5 stars, over 250 user reviews. I know brass and glass SPG come out...
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    Aqualung E6498E-3000 1981 tank - still has air in it

    Hi, I bought a used E6498E tank. Seems to fall under the bad alloy timeframe? Tank says CTC/DOT-E6498E-3000 P372556 USD 9 / 81 The tank still holds air. Can sometime help ID if this is one of the bad tanks? Last visual inspection was in 95. Air has been in there for many years. Would it...
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    Want to Buy APEKS ATX/TXT 50

    Hi, Looking for a price on ATX or XTX50. Thanks
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    1.5" vs 2" SPG comparison

    Hi, Can someone show some pics of 1.5" and 2" spg on backplate and wing. Single tank I have very good eye sight and don't think I need a 2". But would like to see pics and hear feedback. Will help with travel packing. Will plan to use 24" hose on apeks xtx200 FSR reg, which was what I found...
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    DiveRite XT Advanced OW package vs Apeks XTX200 - DIY which one?

    Hi, Im researching for my first regulator. I seemed to have narrowed it down to the Apeks XTX200 first/second and the Diverite XT Advanced open water package. Lets say I can get both at the same price but I have to buy the SPG and Octo for Apeks, so +80 for brass and glass, and $100ish for used...
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    APEKS XTX 200 Regulator - $375???

    Hi, LeisurePro selling the XTX200 for 829.00 for first and second stage. eBay has it for 375. One seller says Regulator but doesnt specify second stage but has pictures of both. Another person selling the xtx200 set for 375 used. Seems like these ebay deals are a steal, even factoring in a...
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