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  1. mises

    Egypt Red Sea pricing for dive resort beach diving?! Am I missing something

    Hey everyone! I'm heading to the Red Sea diving for the first time and am completely unfamiliar with how things are done there. Looking for explanation of the diving situation when doing local/beach dives from a dive resort. If I bring my entire gear and am only missing air/nitrox tanks +...
  2. mises

    Looking for info on house reefs diving, hotels, food and best areas

    Hi again! Posted recently on a liveaboard to the Egyptian Red Sea and gotten useful information! We will be a couple diving and ended up booking with Blue O2, the best of wrecks route Before the week of liveaboard, we want to spend a day or two diving near the departure port (Hurghada). Then...
  3. mises

    Best Gear Bag/Case for sensitive scuba & photo gear when flying to destination?

    Hey! I'd love recommendations of the best brands and models of gear bad(s) or case(s) for carrying your scuba diving gear (and/or photo/video gear) when going on trips abroad (taking a flight or many). I'd love comments on your experience with a specific setup: - while traveling and the...
  4. mises

    Red Sea Liveaboard company & route rec.? Experience requirements?

    Hey scubaboard :wave: We are a couple looking to dive a LOB in the Red Sea (Egypt) in October 2021. We were looking at either the northern route or BDE. We both are excited about BDE (since October seems to be the best time for shark sightings?) and the sites aren't accessible by day trips...
  5. mises

    What are the coordinates of Lock 23 in Morrisburg Ontario?

    I've been able to find most of the coordinates for dive sites in Ontario & Quebec Lock 23 is elusive. I know roughly where the entrance is (the dock in Morrisburg) but I'd love the coordinates of the entrance of the Lock Cheers
  6. mises

    Best diving in South West Indian Ocean (Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, etc.?)

    Best diving in South West Indian Ocean (Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, etc.?) Planning to go between April and July. Haven’t been in the region. I read in diving books and online that Reunion and Mauritius have great diving; however, saw a few people on this forum say it’s boring/bad...
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