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    Aquaprop lithium charger

    I am looking for an aftermarket charger for a lithium battery for an Aquaprop (here's the spec for the stock Type 3240 charger which got damaged). Afriend recommended this Sky RC charger which looks good but i want to verify it will work well before i risk damage. Thanks.
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    For Sale Conshelf DIN

    I have a DIN Conshelf first stage. Can be overhauled if needed. Make an offer if interested. Thanks.
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    Foot pain

    I was on a two-week LOB trip about two months ago and developed pretty bad pain in the top of my feet from kicking in current. One foot is back to normal but the other is still painful when I dive and the top of my foot is still a bit swollen. Is this most likely tendonitis or is there something...
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    DIY Zip Seal Recycling?

    Is there any interest in a tutorial on how to attatch new seals to old DUI zip rings? It's not too difficult, especially if you have installed drysuit seals before. There are some specific tools and materials that make the job easier but it might be worth investing in them if you replace seals...
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    Cash for Galapagos Trip

    I am leaving for Galapagos in a couple of weeks for a liveaboard trip. I understand it is not easy to get cash on the islands and i should probably bring cash for incidentals like tips, nitrox tab, bar tab etc. If so, what's a good discrete way to carry it. Traveling with a wad of cash makes me...
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    Mk10 with an internal crack ... how, why, WTH?

    I was looking through my box of reg odds and ends and came across a Mk10. No idea where i got it but on closer inspection it may be toast. Any guesses as to what happened to cause such damage on the HP side?
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    For Sale Backplates, Backplates, Backplates

    I am clearing out the dive locker and I have to thin the herd: Complete Halcyon single tank rig. Overall in very good shape. I dove it for a couple of years and it's been in the locker for a long time. Includes the following: Generic stainless backplate (approx 6lb) Early Halcyon Pioneer wing...
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    SOLD!!! Oceanic ProPlus 2 Computer with Compass

    Lightly used Proplus 2 air integrated computer with a fresh battery installed by my LDS and pressure tested to 143'. Also includes a new 36" Milflex hose, PC interface cable and a spare battery kit. $300 delivered in CONUS.
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    For Sale Brand new Suunto SK-8 Compass

    New in the box SK-8 front mount. $85 shipped CONUS. Thanks
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    SOLD!!! Garmin Descent Mk1 NIB

    Never opened, new in the box Garmin Descent. Purchased it before the COVID crisis and due to changed circumstances, unfortunately, I can't afford to keep it :( $730 shipped and insured in the CONUS. Includes a never installed black Fintie nylon webbing band.
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