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  1. Snoweman

    Cozumel Pharmacy,, watch exchange rate ripoff

    I tried to pay by credit card at a pharmacy once. The exchange rate they used was close to extortion. I declined and got cash.
  2. Snoweman

    Info First trip to St Croix. Looking for opinions and trip reports

    I was there in October, and the coral life looked fantastic. Tons of new growth. Saw very little bleaching. To the OP, I wholeheartedly recommend going. Stay near Christiansted and dive the north side. Do the pier about an hour before the sun goes down. My dive buddy and daughter did it...
  3. Snoweman

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    What's really interesting is that you don't acknowledge your response about the five day test and the return test were interchangable.
  4. Snoweman

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    Neither one of them is a PCR test?
  5. Snoweman

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    It saves money, FF miles, and after having six tests done, I can say I am hate the #@@$#%^ things. Yes, but the airline might care about my Bonaire test. Why tickle the brain stem twice when one will suffice?
  6. Snoweman

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    I can fly Delta Saturday to Friday in March, so I can make the Day 5 test work for both so long as I get the results to give to Delta. If the day 5 folks aren't returning the negative results, that's a problem.
  7. Snoweman

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    Then where do you get your return test? Can't you have that place report your results to the Bonaire people?
  8. Snoweman

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    Perfect response. Succint and with brevity. Thank you.
  9. Snoweman

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    Sorry if these questions have been asked, but I have a hard time going through close to 900 posts. If I arrive on Saturday, when do I take the five day test? Is it Wednesday or Thursday? Lastly, Would this test suffice for the test to get back in US for a Friday or Saturday flight? Thanks.
  10. Snoweman

    ¿ Insight on Delta Airlines return to Cozumel ?

    You wouldn't want Delta to fly one day a week to CZM instead of CUN??
  11. Snoweman

    Found: Galileo Luna

    Found in palancar, Galileo Luna. It had been there a while, had plant growth on it. Dive shop cleaned it up. Anyone lose one?
  12. Snoweman

    Found: Galileo Luna

    I guess you need to be a member of the FB group to see it. This post is still there.
  13. Snoweman

    Found: Galileo Luna

    Someone on FB found a Luna computer. Here's the link.
  14. Snoweman

    Casa Mexicana Breakfast Question

    I really don't understand the difference between made to order, and just having servers at the buffet putting the food on the plate for you.
  15. Snoweman

    Return to Cozumel after 6 year absence

    Most of the DM's know how to spot them from the surface. But, it's a little scary to swim away from the wall and over the deep to escape one. Never been my experience, but I'm aware of how to do it. Swimming around sand tornadoes is a little weird though.
  16. Snoweman

    The Biology of the Lionfish Invasion

    There's a great video of a Bobbitt worm taking a lion fish in the blink of an eye. I think that's where the idea for the movie "Tremors' came from.
  17. Snoweman

    Wondering where your stuff from overseas is? Shipaggedon!

    Till when?? (I called FedEx to complain today. It was delivered at the end of the day.)
  18. Snoweman

    Wondering where your stuff from overseas is? Shipaggedon!

    Overseas isn't the only shipping problem. FedEx was supposed to deliver a wheel to me from NJ last Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and yesterday. It's still not delivered.
  19. Snoweman

    Recommendations for Nautilus/lifeline?

    I have the original Nautilus. Fortunately, I have never had to use it. I bought a nylon dive belt to keep it strapped around my chest. The main thing is making sure it's charged before each use.
  20. Snoweman

    Has anyone taken an Apple Watch to depth?

    Mine, with all that jazz, is only rated to 100 meters.
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