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  1. Etmutt

    3D print gopro 9 housing for deep dive

    Hi all, I've been entertaining a little project lately : to 3d print a gopro housing for deep (idealy 150m) dive. There are a couple available on the market, but I think they price it too high. Most of the time you end up paying the same amount as the gopro. So far I've only done the 3D files...
  2. Etmutt

    Deep and low light > what action cam and setup do you use?

    Hello guys, I m an occasional go pro (8) user and I had quite a few disappointment on low level ght footage. In my experience, when the conditions get darker, I tend to get a simple blurry blue screen. Now, my buddy me ved away recently, with his camera, and it seems about time I get one for...
  3. Etmutt

    Oxygen poisoning seizure > how to react ?

    Hello all, we had an accident recently in the local community ; from oxygen poisoning. The diver was instructor, recognized as experienced, and had at least one experience buddy with him. They were diving a multi stage deep dive (80msw +). Looking at this, we're trying with some friend to...
  4. Etmutt

    Blending trimix > air comp or booster ?

    Hello all, New around here ; I hope this section is the right one. I’ve been diving trimix recently but the nearest dive shop that fills trimix is a few hours away. So here i am : looking into doing my very own blend! From what I gathered on this post, there are 2 main low tech ways and I’m...
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