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  1. bmorescuba

    Shore diving buddy in Kona area, Dec. 6-18

    Shore diving on the Big Island ranks high among my favorite experiences in life. I've been lucky enough to visit 3 times and done almost exclusively shore diving each trip. I would recommend you visit at least a couple sites: Two-Step and Kona Old Airport. Two-Step is about 30 minutes south of...
  2. bmorescuba

    Sea & Sea Fiber Cable in Kailua-Kona [need now 7/31]

    Thanks for the suggestions! None of the dive shops on the BI had any in stock. But, with some tape and some cajoling, we've got it to fire about 75% of the time. Hopefully, it holds out the rest of the week...
  3. bmorescuba

    Sea & Sea Fiber Cable in Kailua-Kona [need now 7/31]

    [[Posted 7/31/21 16:05 HST]] Hi there, Anyone have any ideas where I could find a Sea & Sea fiber optic cable for firing strobes in the Kailua-Kona area? Just arrived and my friend's cable is not functioning. Tried Jack's Diving Locker and Kona Honu - no luck. Tried Amazon prime - earliest...
  4. bmorescuba

    New to Video

    I would take a look at ShotCut: Shotcut - Home Totally free, and easier to learn than DaVinci Resolve. Don't get me wrong - DaVinci is great and has tons of features. But ShotCut does not require as many system resources to run and is somewhat easier to learn. It has fade in/out (and many...
  5. bmorescuba

    New to Video

    @Texas Joe - Being a year old and 64-bit, I'm assuming this PC is running Windows 10. If you just want to dip your foot in the water of video editing, I would try the very simple program that is built into Windows 10. It's just called Video Editor: Create films with Video Editor
  6. bmorescuba

    Boat Diving Etiquette

    My grandfather was a working waterman on the Chesapeake Bay and my uncle was a Navy submariner and avid sailor. They taught me two things when I was very young - you ask permission to come aboard and there's only one rule on a boat: the captain is always right. Some people joke about the captain...
  7. bmorescuba

    New Scuba Diver in Cape Verde but soon to the world

    I shoot an Olympus OM-D EM1mkII camera in a Nauticam housing with Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes. The pictures from Cape Verde were almost all using the Olympus 60mm macro lens with one strobe. Cheers!
  8. bmorescuba

    New Scuba Diver in Cape Verde but soon to the world

    Welcome! I had the privilege of diving in Tarrafal on Santiago a few years ago. It was great: I'm envious of all the incredible marine life you'll get to explore.
  9. bmorescuba

    Cheapest, but usable strobe

    New, to get something decent, you're looking at $365 for an Inon S2000. You can look for one of those used, but they hold their value pretty well. I suggest looking for a used Sea & Sea YS-110a. It's a fine strobe. A little big, not as fast or powerful as the current gen. But since it's now 5...
  10. bmorescuba

    Coral ID

    Looks like Corky Sea Finger (Briareum asbestinum) to me. Sometimes people call it Deadman's Fingers.
  11. bmorescuba

    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    You never know what you'll find on the west side.This was yesterday, 10/21/20. I've seen plenty of Goliath Groupers on boat dives along the palm beaches, but never encountered one at the bridge. 5-6' long. I got to hang out with it for about 15 minutes. Of course, I only had a macro lens, but it...
  12. bmorescuba

    Sherwood AVID BCD - toast?

    Finally made it to a local quarry for a couple dives this weekend, after almost a year dry. Before going, I hooked up my Sherwood AVID bcd to make sure there were no leaks, etc. Seemed fine. After the 2nd dive, I go to remove it from the tank, and the plastic pieces that the cam bands thread...
  13. bmorescuba

    Don Foster's to close permanently

    Don Foster's dive shop goes out of business - Cayman Compass A real shame. If cayman really doesn't open until the end of 2020, I fear this is the first of many.
  14. bmorescuba

    Has the COVID-19 situation changed your gear purchasing habits?

    I am only buying essentials, namely - Barrel Proof Bourbon.
  15. bmorescuba

    Rocio Del Mar - Sea of Cortez Midriff - Trip Report & Photos

    I've only been able to do a small number of dives in Monterey and Catalina, and I had never seen a spanish shawl - but it was always top on my list of nudis to see. Thanks for sharing your pics and for the feedback on the trip report. The spanish shawl pic I posted here in the best one I got...
  16. bmorescuba

    Rocio Del Mar - Sea of Cortez Midriff - Trip Report & Photos

    This is very long. Some people like long reviews. TL;DR: Sea of Cortez is cool! Background: Early last August, I decided to take my first liveaboard dive trip. I had always wanted to experience a liveaboard, but I get seasick easily and the thought of being sick for an entire week with no way...
  17. bmorescuba

    Aquarium Diving

    At the National Aquarium in Baltimore (NAIB), the AOW/30 dives/8 Hours requirement is for volunteer divers. The volunteer divers work at the aquarium on a regular schedule - feeding, cleaning, etc. The Guest Diver program is a short 45 minute dive that allows people to experience the Atlantic...
  18. bmorescuba

    Prescription or readers to see the dang camera?

    Have you tried adjusting the diopter for the viewfinder? I've had some luck with this making up for shortcomings in my reading vision, even through the housing. Only applies to using the EVF, not the screen. Help Guide | Adjusting the viewfinder (diopter-adjustment)
  19. bmorescuba

    Rocio del Mar -- 2 wetsuits??

    The room is pretty small, but there might be enough space for a 2nd dry wetsuit in the room. You would not want a wet wetsuit in the room. If you're using both suits, I think you'll be able to stuff a 2nd one in rack on the dive deck, but it's definitely not roomy. If you find you prefer one...
  20. bmorescuba

    USVI Dive Vacation - what do we need to know?

    This reef shark came by with 3 of his friends about 45 minutes into a shore dive off North Star/Twin Palms (just west of Cane Bay). They started circling and after I got this shot with my macro lens (only lens I had with me), we decided it would be a good idea to head back in. On the other...
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