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  1. Tortuga James

    Is nitrox worth it for deeper rec dives?

    Think of it this way: of all the expenses you rack up for the opportunity to get a couple of dives in, why would you try to save $20 bucks by buying air instead of enriched gas? More bottom time or an added level of safety, both are worth the extra bucks.
  2. Tortuga James

    Inshore vs Offshore Meg Ledge

    It’s not really fair to call the inner ledges “inshore” because they are still in the mid 20’s from the beach and in 85-100’ of water. The outer ledges are another 10 miles or so and in 110’ of water. Some of the inner ledges have been worked extensively, and in their hay day we’re extremely...
  3. Tortuga James

    I MUST dive the U-352 this season...

    We go to the submarine quite often when folks request it. Being a 6 pack gives each customer a greater voice in the chosen site. Feel free to give me a call to talk about. Check out our website first. I look forward to hearing from you. Captain James 252-646-9644
  4. Tortuga James

    Looking for suggestions for a meat trip

    Mike. There are 3 Six packs in Morehead that allow spearing and will run trips to ledges, rocks and hard bottom. There is Captain's Lady out of Beaufort with Discovery Diving, Atlantis IV out of Atlantic Beach and of course "Yours Truly" out of Morehead. I think the crew boats might allow a gun...
  5. Tortuga James

    Hello From Tortuga Charters

    I haven't been on this forum since last winter. It's my busy season and we have had a good one, despite the unpredictable weather this year. Also, it seems like Facebook has cannibalized a lot of the diving and fishing forums. I generally use my Tortuga Charters Facebook page to announce special...
  6. Tortuga James

    Openings in October for fossil trips

    Tortuga will be in Wrightsville Beach for 3 weeks in October doing Megalodon shark tooth hunting. Originally we were going to do one week of open seating weekday trips. Due to demand, we have opened up Monday-Thursday the 12th-15th as well. $175 per seat per day. Call us at 252-646-8754 to make...
  7. Tortuga James

    Awfully quiet in here

    Everyone must be having a good season. No posts in this forum since late June. I have been busier than a one arm paper hanger. Not too many blowouts but a lot of ass whooping rough days.
  8. Tortuga James

    Beaufort, NC Trip Report 8/21-8/23

    I think Roger really likes Discovery Diving. He is crew on Seaquest. :)
  9. Tortuga James

    Bermuda High

    We made it to the Aeolus yesterday. It was pretty bumpy on the way out. 40' of viz and lots of bait, sharks and rays with cobia. Stayed inshore today at the customer's request. We had 30' on the Indra. We convinced the group to head to the Caribsea tomorrow. It's only 20' deeper and this group...
  10. Tortuga James

    Bermuda High

    Summer generally brings us a weather pattern the local Old Salts call a Sou'wester. A semi permanent high pressure area forms off the coast. It is known as the Bermuda high. The nearly continuous clockwise flow hits the Carolinas as a sustained SW wind at 15-20 knots. Since our coast runs west...
  11. Tortuga James

    July 4th Weekend Offshore Diving

    Tortuga still has 2 spots available for the holiday weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. $150 per day or $400 for all 3 days. Come and experience the improved Tortuga experience. She is faster, drier and much easier to get back in the boat with the new platform and ladder system. Call and make...
  12. Tortuga James

    Trip report morehead city april 25/26 Tortuga Dive charters

    North Carolina diving is "offshore" diving. Most of the sites are 25-40 miles from the inlet. Tortuga is a 17-18 knot boat (2 knots faster with some improvements we made over the winter). Boats can make top cruise in conditions up to about 3' seas and when they are bigger or too close together...
  13. Tortuga James

    Technical Trip this Weekend

    Tortuga has a Technical Dive trip this weekend: We have 2 seats available for extended range deeper sites. Available to seasoned decompression divers. We will visit the Naeco, and Tamapaulis (Far East Tanker) Saturday and Sunday. We will do our best to accommodate the diver's desires. Depth's...
  14. Tortuga James

    Spray Rails

    Well, after 30 trips or so in all sorts of sea conditions I can honestly report that the addition of the rails was the best $4K I have spent on the boat since I got her. She is substantially drier, but the biggest benefit was a windfall I didn't expect. They give her enough lift to add 2 knots...
  15. Tortuga James

    Spray Rails

    Well, I have run 3 trips this year and I got my 20(+5) knot winds. On Sunday April 26th I had a howling north wind to head into back to port. They spray rails do not eliminate all spray, but even in a 4' steep chop almost dead head on, I could tell a big difference. One thing I am going to have...
  16. Tortuga James

    Megalodon tooth Trips May 18-21st

    Tortuga Charters is off to Wrightsville Beach soon for some Megalodon Shark tooth diving. We have open seating Monday-Thursday May 18-21st. $175 per diver. Several spots are still open each day. Call the Captain at 252-646-8754 if you are interested. We leave the marina at 8am each day.
  17. Tortuga James

    Trip report morehead city april 25/26 Tortuga Dive charters

    Next best thing to a diver lift, right Randy? :)
  18. Tortuga James

    Trip report morehead city april 25/26 Tortuga Dive charters

    Same ladder, new platform and the new handrails are much improved over the old system.
  19. Tortuga James

    Trip report morehead city april 25/26 Tortuga Dive charters

    Did I forget to mention sharks?? There were plenty on the Aeolus, but they were outside cruising around, not in the shark room. A couple of guys mentioned seeing black tips cruise by on their ascent and on the hang. 5 minutes after they left the boat for their 2nd dive on the Aeolus, a very...
  20. Tortuga James

    First one for 2015 in the books

    Sea conditions were challenging. Saturday started out 10-15 knot SW wind but a squall in the early afternoon amped up the wind to 20-25. Seas built from 2--4 to a steep 3-5'. Sunday was the opposite, started out NE at 10 knots with a big SW swell. The wind picked up again to 20 knots NE and the...
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