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  1. Janie88

    Best trip (not dive) insurance?

    I purchased trip insurance through IMG. While the coverage sounded excellent, I am now experiencing issues in trying to obtain reimbursement for expenses due to a trip delay. We had our flight canceled coming back from a recent dive trip and incurred hotel and meal costs for which I am now...
  2. Janie88

    Recommendations for Nautilus/lifeline?

    What is everyone's recommendations for carrying a Nautilus lifeline or is there some other brand you recommend? Thanks so much
  3. Janie88

    Need help with Shearwater dive log for Teric

    I recently purchased the Shearwater Teric, and I want to go from paper dive logs (which admittedly I am not always good about filling out) to one that downloads to my iPhone and/or MacBook Air. I downloaded The Dive Log and the Shearwater Cloud on my iPhone. Then I wanted to download it to my...
  4. Janie88

    Tips for navigation?

    Hi, I took the Advanced Open Water years ago, but I am NOT good at navigation under water. Do you guys have any tips or where I can read more about how to navigate under water? My husband is excellent at navigation, and I admit that I rely on him totally to find the boat. But I don't like...
  5. Janie88

    How to use Teric compass?

    I just got a Teric, and will be using it in October on a liveaboard. I will admit that I am not the best at navigation but I want to learn. Is there any place that I can read more about how to use the Teric compass, and how to find "home" (boat) etc? Thanks,
  6. Janie88

    Anyone here on Juliet October 2?

    We will be going on our first Juliet this October 2. Super excited. Anyone here going on this trip? Also have Juliet booked for Feb 24 out of St. Croix, and repositioning Nov 2022.
  7. Janie88

    AquaLung Zuma thoughts?

    I have an Aqua Lung Lotus, only 2 years old. It is a very high quality BC, and I like it okay, but it is not the most comfortable for me to cross my arms, I feel like the weights are in the way. Does anyone have the newer Zuma? I read reviews of the first Zumas being somewhat flimsy and not...
  8. Janie88

    Juliet repositioning to Turks

    Has anyone done the Juliet repositioning to Turks? It is in the Fall, looks to be right around Thanksgiving each year. From Miami over to Turks/Provo. I'm very interested in this trip, so would like any feedback on anyone who's done this particular itinerary. Thanks!
  9. Janie88

    Coffee on dive trips and liveaboards

    Anyone else a coffee snob out there? A few years ago, we bought one of those Keurig makers. I hated it so much I stopped drinking coffee. I started drinking a pre-workout drink in the morning which has about the same caffeine as two cups of coffee so I just kept doing that. Then about two years...
  10. Janie88

    Best trip insurance for cancellation due to inclement weather/hurricane?

    Hi, we are looking at booking the Juliet. I did get confirmation that they do not provide refunds or credits relating to cancellation due to weather. So...has anyone gotten trip insurance and then had to put in a claim for weather cancellation and received refund without issues/promptly? I am...
  11. Janie88

    Juliet liveaboard question

    My husband and I are considering booking the Juliet out of Miami for this coming August. Does anyone have experience with being on the Juliet and is it a difficult ladder to climb back into the boat? We've done Aggressor and Explorer Ventures liveaboards, but not a sailboat, so I'm not sure of...
  12. Janie88

    Juliet recommendations?

    My husband and I are thinking of booking the Juliet for this August out of Miami. We usually do liveaboards on Aggressor, but this sounds like a nice trip too, and since it is out of Miami we don't need to worry about testing coming back since we'll be flying in/out of Miami. Only testing we...
  13. Janie88

    Travel Insurance that covers for cancellation due to positive COVID test?

    Does anyone know of a travel insurance that covers for trip cancellation due to positive COVID test? I'm looking at booking a trip on the Juliet in August, and Cozumel in October. For the Juliet, we need to have a negative test prior to arriving on the Juliet in Miami. The Bahamas requires the...
  14. Janie88

    DAN vs. Dive Assure for dive and travel insurance?

    Hi, I've been looking into insurance for going to Cozumel later in the summer. I talked to someone at DAN who was not very pleasant (not that it matters but still annoying) and kept telling me my insurance would only be covered for COVID if it fell within the timeframe of my trip - would not...
  15. Janie88

    Roberta's Scuba Shack: anyone for July or August?

    Hi all, After much research and consideration (too many options!) we are looking at going to Roberta's Scuba Shack in July or August and staying at her hotel Village Tan Kah. It'd be fun to be there with some other divers here - anyone looking at a trip late summer to dive with Scuba Shack?
  16. Janie88

    Restaurant recommendations for dinner?

    So I am tentatively rethinking our plan to stay at an AI in Cozumel and switch to a hotel like Casa Mexicana, B&B or something similar. Which means we'd be eating most dinners out. Not being familiar with the restaurants in town, is it too much to request recommendations for walkable...
  17. Janie88

    AI versus hotel

    Hi all, forgive me if this has been discussed to death, but want to get your opinions on staying at all inclusive versus hotel. My husband and I are thinking of going to Coz in Aug or Sept, depending on how things go with "Rhona" and would be staying 7 or 8 nights. We are experienced divers...
  18. Janie88

    Is rental car needed if staying at Casa Mexicana?

    If staying in town at Casa Mexicana, do you really need a rental car? We will probably be diving with either Aldora, Tres Pelicanos or Blue XT Sea. I think majority of the restaurants, shops etc. are within walking distance. Plan on doing two tank morning dives. Thanks! Janie
  19. Janie88

    Thoughts on Tres Pelicanos vs Aldora

    For any of you who have been diving with Aldora and/or Tres Pelicanos, appreciate feedback on which you prefer and why? I've narrowed it down to these two dive ops in Cozumel. A third choice possibly is Blue XT Sea. My husband and I will probably stay at Casa Mexicana based on all the reviews...
  20. Janie88

    Casa Mexicana or Villa Escondida?

    My husband and I are tentatively going to Cozumel July 18-25. I was almost set to book Casa Mexicana and then saw some nice reviews on this B&B Villa Escondida. Anybody stay at both, have a comparison? Thoughts on the B&B? Looks like it is also located in town very close to several dive ops...
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