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  1. Rdy4wet

    What's the coldest water temp you will wetsuit in??

    Until I finally spring for a dry suit I dive a 7mm wetsuit all year round including ice dives. I use the warm water priming technique that AJTOADY talked about. I use three finger gloves, 5/7mm boots, and 7mm hood with 3mm extra hood over it. I also wear polyester thermal long johns under my...
  2. Rdy4wet

    NEW Pier Ban -St. Joseph & New Buffalo, Mi.

    It depends on how broadly the law/ordinance is written and how aggressive they are going to enforce it. We continue to dive off of the Saint Joseph Pier. The public beach on the North Pier goes right up to the Pier so every day during the summer 100’s to 1000’s of people would be in...
  3. Rdy4wet

    Hello from South West Michigan

    I hear you bamamedic. I do plan on making it down that way sometime to dive in the next year to try some warm water. Thank you Luckydays. I am always looking for a good excuse to dive. I am starting to put together my dive schedule for 2010. If at all possible I will make it to Gilboa for the...
  4. Rdy4wet

    Hello from South West Michigan

    Hi everyone, I dream of warm water, but am more than satisfied with the water we have around here. Look forward to all there is to see and enjoying the time with the friends I have made diving. Take care!
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