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  1. JayJudge

    Lost weights Mt Storm

    Hi all, was at Mt Storm Saturday, Jan 28, taking 2 new members of the Berkeley County, WV's dive team on a refresher dive. One of them managed to lose his weights, bright orange pouches. If anyone sees them (they are near the shallow platforms I think, as we didn't take them deep) please get...
  2. JayJudge

    Does anyone have some current temps

    Hi, I was hoping someone could give some current temps for the St Lawrence (Rockport area wrecks) and some of the main wrecks in Lake Ontario- last year I had around 65 on the Comet and the Marsh, years before I had low 50s on most of the stuff up there (Sheboygan, etc) Any info would be much...
  3. JayJudge

    Haven't posted in some time, so...

    Well, for the last month or so, I haven't had much to say. I have done a bit of diving, so I'll blab about that. I worked a trip Oct 10-11, for the remnants of our group, and RAD diver and a few others. It was great seeing them, unfortunately, the weather was not very fun. Friday, we ran inshore...
  4. JayJudge

    George Purifoy

    I got a call last night from a captain, stating George Purifoy had passed away. From what I was told, he was operating the Olympus when it happened. I have no details more than that, and I waited for it to be confirmed on NCdivers. I am sure thousands of you have dove with George, the wreck...
  5. JayJudge

    Scapa- a few questions

    Ok, I gotta get to Scapa Flow, been saying that since I first heard of the place. What I am looking for is anyone that has done this, not through an overpriced shop, but just like we do most of our diving, friends dividing it up. I am looking to only do the main wrecks, my wife might go with...
  6. JayJudge

    Hatteras aug 24

    Well, I have been debating posting this because it is pretty harsh, but my buddies thought it would at least inform you from our perspective. We ran down to Cape Hatteras to do some dives, finish of some training, and have some fun. Unfortunately, the Akyla is gone for the season, and JT was...
  7. JayJudge

    Willow Report

    Well, I hadn't been there since January or Febuary, just been way too busy. So, The better half and I went there on Friday, August 15 to play. If you haven't been there since they switched owners, go!! Joya and Tom are great, and they are trying to improve an already nice place. They put in...
  8. JayJudge

    Lake Holiday/The Summit report

    I saw people were looking for reports on local stuff, so- here you go. 2 of us dove Lake Holiday, outside Winchester VA on Monday morning. To get in, you need to know someone that has property in there, there is a gaurdhouse you have to check in with. We went in by the dam/spillway area...
  9. JayJudge

    Storm question and someone met the better half

    Hey all, First what is the most recent temp anyone has from Storm? I might have to go there on Friday, its either that or Willow...but I haven't been to Storm since January, and its a Friday, so, should be pretty open. Second-'the girl' ran into someone on a flight into or outta Dulles...
  10. JayJudge

    Anyone diving Aug 8,9, or 10

    Thinking about getting wet, looking for more people to dive with, and fairly bored right now. Not super interested in Millbrook, or Dutch. my stats- DM on a boat in Morehead, NC, fine diving with experienced or new divers, good vis, bad vis, deep, shallow. Due to fuel prices, our boat has been...
  11. JayJudge

    Looking for diving near the Space Coast

    Hi all, My wife and I are probably heading down to Merritt Island (sp) for a wedding in November. Are there any boats in that area, mainly for wreck diving? And do the boats there have a problem with doubles (we both use them), or stage bottles? Looking for depths 150 fsw or less. As for...
  12. JayJudge

    Bonaire report

    OK, A few of us went to Bonaire April 12-19, splitting the run with us was a group from Charlottesville, VA. We immediately got a night dive in on the house reef-Belmar-fun, saw some great tarpon. The next day we hit 5 sites, finishing the day with the Hilma Hooker. Vis at best was 70 ft...
  13. JayJudge

    Looking for a boat

    Ok, a buddy and I might be looking for a member with a boat to run numbers off VA/MD- not VA beach. Not looking for commercial boat, not willing to share numbers with them. Also looking to hit some known wrecks off same area. I work on a boat in NC, and if you are interested, and have a boat, we...
  14. JayJudge

    Mt Mud report (Storm)

    JRK and I dove Storm Sat 2/16. Our 3rd buddy would have been diving wet, so, with air temps in the 20s, he wisely decided not to dive, and risk hypothermia. JR and I dove 'semi dry'- as true drysuits do not exist, lol. Water level was up, both stacks running, and surface temp of 56. Went to the...
  15. JayJudge

    Storm 2/16

    Well, if the weather holds, a few of us are heading to storm Sat morning. If anyone is interested, we should be in the water by 9:30. -J
  16. JayJudge

    Morehead accident?

    I heard about a bent diver in Morehead on 10/5- any word on his condition? -J
  17. JayJudge

    Morehead Seafood Fest dive report

    Trailer Trash Scuba went downto Morehead, NC this past weekend, for some diving and the Seafood fest. Friday greeted us with a less than ideal forecast, which unfortunately proved to be true. Riding out on the Mutiny (Atlantic Beach Diving), we cleared the semi-calm sound, and headed for the Box...
  18. JayJudge

    Morehead report

    Well... I ran down to Morehead on Monday for a midweek charter on the Mutiny (Atlantic Beach Diving Services) To those of you that don't know, they are the newest outfit there, but one of (and in my opinion absolute top) the best. Tuesday, with crew of Amy, Al, and Will, we ran out with...
  19. JayJudge

    Woohoo!Scubaboard's back!

    Great to see its back up! I think I'll repost our trip to Morehead, for those that didn't see it. Well, Trailer Trash Scuba ran a trip to Morehead June 29, 30, and July 1. Onboard the good ship Mutiny. The weather was a little dicey on Friday, so we stayed inshore diving the W.E. Hutton, and...
  20. JayJudge

    Anyone up for Willow on 4/14?

    We are bouncing up there tomorrow, (Sat 4/14) Wife has a new drysuit, so 4 of us are going to go there to play. Probably be there around 11. Warming shack. Hope to see a few of you there... -Jay
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