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    Best and safer alternative to talc for Silicone drysuit seals?

    Hi guys, I just got my new Seaskin Nova drysuit in. Great looking and fitting suit. French talc came with the suit. I used to use talc for my old Pinnacle EVO 2 suit, that had latex seals. I've been doing some research and found that talc can contain asbestos. I don't want to get anywhere...
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    Just got my new Seaskin Nova in today!

    Hi guys, I just got my new Seaskin Nova drysuit in today. Haven't tried it on yet. Looks great. Got the Sitech Oval rings with optional Rolock dryglove attachments. Boots attached, telescoping torso, computer and knife attachments, Sitech valves. Thought I had ordered an extra pair of sitech...
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    Seaskin neck and wrist seal, user reviews?

    Hi guys, I've decided to order a Nova Seaskin dry suit soon. I have all of my options decided on except the neck and wrist seals. I would like to go to silcone seals on the neck and have the option of using dry gloves on the wrists if I want to. I'll be diving in cold lake water and north Fla...
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    Best membrane drysuits, user reviews?

    Hi guys, My Pinnacle EVO 2 suit is history as far as usability is concerned. Had it about 12+ years. Service tech said it wasn't worth saving. So, I'm in the market for another membrane drysuit and was thinking about either a Bare Tec Dry membrane suit or a DUI Coronado or DUI Yukon II...
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    Anyone dove or own the DUI Coronado drysuit?

    Hi guys, My PInnacle EVO 2 has bit the dust, sadly and I'm in the market for a new drysuit later in the year. I always thought DUI was way more than I wanted to pay. But I saw the DUI Coronado for $1400 brand new. Looks like a good suit with DUI quality and comes with zip seals on neck and...
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    Anyone done their AOW training with Lake Jocassee Dive Shop?

    Hi, I did a dive at the old divers ramp at Lake Jocassee some years ago. Really like the vis. A great dive. I need to get my AOW training and cert. done this summer and wanted to look at getting my AOW done with Lake Jocassee Dive shop Anyone do their AOW there and tell me about your...
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    Salvaging steel tanks here in ATL area, best way to do it?

    Hi guys, I just got a call today from my LDS here in the ATL area where my 20yr+ old 95cu ft. steel and a older 72 cu. ft. steel tank was showing some exterior flaking of the paint and some rust underneath and didn't want to proceed with the VIP. The 95 passed hydro and VIP last year as...
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    New diver's ramp location at Lake Jocassee, reviews?

    Hi, It's been awhile since I've been over to Lake Jocassee to do some diving. I've heard that they changed the location of the divers ramp to the area where the kayakers are located. Have any of you dove at the new divers' ramp location and how do you like it compared to the old location for...
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    Temperature reading stuck on Mares Quad Air?

    Hi guys, I was checking on my gear and getting reading for the upcoming season and noticed that turning on my Mares Quad Air computer that it was stuck on 32 degrees for temp. reading for some reason. I keep my gear in a cool dry area when it's not in use and it's never anywhere near 32...
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    Question on Mares Quad Air computer

    Hi, I finally got to try out my Mares Quad Air computer today at my LDS training pool. I got it at the end of last years' season. Excellent computer! I should have gone hoseless a long time ago. Later, I was rinsing off my gear and regs and thought I would check the PSI in my tank and it...
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    If you've had vitrectomy, how long before diving again?

    I need to have cataract surgery in my my right eye in May and not long after that, I'll need to have a vitrectomy to repair a macular hole in that eye. If you've a vitrectomy done before, how long before you got clearance from eye Dr. to dive again? I have to wait until May to let Medicare...
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    Will an older 72 cu. steel tank take a modern K regular valve?

    I just got an older 72 cu. ft. steel tank from a friend of mine who hasn't dove in a long time and is out of the sport. I just had a local dive shop look at it and it's pristine inside with a VIP. It will be getting a Hydro in the next few weeks and should pass, hopefully. It had an old J...
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    Mares Quad Air dive computer, user reviews?

    Hi, I have an older Aeris Atmos Ai dive computer I need to retire soon. I like the pricing of the Mares Quad Air dive computer at my LDS. For those of you that have one of the Mares Quad Air dive computers, how do like you it and would you buy it again? Also, how easy is it to set it up to...
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    Changing to imperial measurements on Mares Quad Air dive computer?

    Hi, I am considering a purchase of a new Mares Quad Air dive computer. How easy is it to set the computer up to show measurements in Ft. PSI, in other words imperial measurements?
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    Lake Jocassee,SC, Diver's Ramp experiences?

    Hi guys I dove Lake Jocassee, SC back in 2011 at the divers ramp for the first time. I did a short dive in my drysuit. It was on May 20th, my wedding anniversary. Reached a max depth of 65ft. I didn't get a chance to explore the place much depth wise. I understand they have done some upgrades to...
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    Any plans for Galileo Luna/Sol to have a OLED display in 2017?

    Hi, I was wondering if Scubapro was planning on having an LED or OLED display on the Galileo Luna/Sol dive computers for 2017? It would be a great, visibility wise! I haven't purchased one yet, but I have heard many great reviews on these dive computers.
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    Any springs in N. Fla. where I could get PADI/SDI AOW checkout dives done?

    Hi guys, This summer got away from me. :( Tried to dive in the Panama City area early Aug. on vacation. Weather and sea state was terrible. That's the Gulf for you! Can't predict it with any accuracy, it seems. Wanted to get my PADI or SDI AOW done. I'm PADI OW now, Now with work...
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    Scubapro Seawing Nova fin, users review?

    Hi guys, I have been using Apollo Bio Fin's, the split fins as you know, for the last 4-5 years and really like them. But would like to have a fin with more power if needed in a current. I really never thought about the Scubapro Seawing Nova fin. They really look different from a "standard"...
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    Have PADI OW C-Card want to take SDI refresher course, any issues?

    Hi guys, I was certified PADI OW back in the 80s. Have been diving since then, about 4-10 dives a summer. I was thinking of taking a SDI Refresher course soon just to see if there is anything new I'm missing and to have an SDI instructor give me any pointers on my basic skills. My local dive...
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    Video of Great White off the coast of Apalachicola,Fl.

    This is a video that was on the Panama City Dive Charters facebook page. Last Sunday, a group of divers were harvesting Lionfish off the coast of Apalachicola, Fl. and this Great White shows up to check things out...
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