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  1. Bryan Cunningham

    Diving age in Australia

    Is the minimum diving age in Australia still 12 years old? Or have they dropped it?
  2. Bryan Cunningham


    Need reccomendations for Great Barrier Reef livaboards that are child friendly. 12 year olds.
  3. Bryan Cunningham

    Custom Dive Trips

    NEW FOR SUMMER 2017 DiveCarib will be obtaining a new long range dive boat to offer serious divers the trip of a lifetime. We will be doing customised inter island dive trips to islands including Antigua, Redonda, Barbuda, St Kitts. Nevis, Guadeloupe, Montserrat and Ava’s island. These trips...
  4. Bryan Cunningham

    Eastern Caribbean, best island for diving

    The Indians in BVI, or the wreck of the Chickusen are both great.
  5. Bryan Cunningham

    Deepest ever emergency swimming ascent?

    I survived a CESA 5 years ago from 320 feet. Had 11 chamber treatments and am paralised, but alive. Do not reccomend it.
  6. Bryan Cunningham

    5 days 2 tank with 7 days luxury villa $660

    We have an amazing offer for this summer. For groups of 6 divers, per person sharing. 2 tank boat dives with tanks and weights, and accommodation in a private villa with large pool. Come see Antigua.IMG_3400 by Bryan Cunningham posted Jun 1, 2016 at 1:47 PM
  7. IMG_3400


    Red Rocks
  8. Bryan Cunningham

    Antigua Summer 2016 Specials

    DIVECARIB 2016 SUMMER SPECIALS 1) Enriched Air (Nitrox) eLearning Special: The PADI eLearning Package, which includes certification, normally retails at U$270. We are offering it this summer for only U$150. Do the online course and come complete your open water dives with us. 2) Free Advanced...
  9. Sea Terror, Antigua

    Sea Terror, Antigua

    Shallow wreck, Antigua
  10. Bryan Cunningham

    Antigua, 3 wrecks in one day

    Check out great video made by our instructor during a 3 tank wreck dive trip in Antigua.
  11. Bryan Cunningham

    The lesser known and un explored diving around Antigua

    Here is a little blog I wrote on the diving around the Antigua region that is unknown, some hardly explored. DiveCarib - Diving Antigua Antigua's Undiscovered and Lesser Known Diving Although Antigua has many dive sites visited on a regular basis, there are many more off the beaten track, and...
  12. Bryan Cunningham

    Antigua Dive and Packages

    from US$ 765 per person sharing Dates: 1 June to 30 NovemberDiving: 5 days of two tank boat dives incl of t&w OR Full open water diver course (4 days) inclusive of training, dives and all equipment. Exclusive of training materials.Use of kayaks, paddle boards and sailing dingys Accommodation...
  13. Bryan Cunningham

    Antigua Wreck Shots

    Having problems uploading some great wreck photos. But follow this link. Divecarib and look at the last gallery
  14. Bryan Cunningham

    Full time experienced instructor

    INSTRUCTOR POSITION. We are accepting applications for a full time instructor with option to buy in for the right applicant. What we are looking for is. A PADI instructor with Tech Teaching qualifications and good boat handling skills. Must be under the age of 40, male and ready to relocate to...
  15. Bryan Cunningham

    Bahamas dive, help pick spot

    Nassau is known for sharks and Cozumel can have strong currents.
  16. Bryan Cunningham

    Sandals resort next June. Going to dive some. Antigua or Grenada?

    Having worked as a dive instructor for Sandals I would not recommend diving with them at all. They do not go to the best sites, dives are short and unlimited diving consists of two very short dives per day. But if diving with them, go to Grenada. Although I have a dive operation on Antigua...
  17. Bryan Cunningham

    Sell me on your Dive Shop or Resort

    The question is WHEN do you plan to travel?
  18. Bryan Cunningham

    Caribbean Diving Suggestions?

    BVI is a good option. Plenty of easy shallow reefs, and great shipwrecks. Be sure to do the Indians as one of the shallow reef dives. Best two wrecks are The Rhone (2 dives as it is split. One 80ft, second 40ft) The Chickuzen is also an amazing wreck. Lots of big marine life. there are also...
  19. Bryan Cunningham

    Late June Honeymoon - Where in the World to Dive!?

    If you like wreck diving, Truk Lagoon, or look into Raj Amphat if you really want to get off the beaten track.
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